Golf cart lift kits offer you the perfect chance to elevate your golf cart further off the ground. This hands you better clearance when driving over brush, rocks and water, and by installing a lift kit, your golf cart stabilizes better on terrain. Furthermore, this lessens the chances that your ride tips over or injures you while driving.

Below you will see some of the best Yamaha golf cart lift kit combo choices.

1. Yamaha G2, G2 and G9 6″ Lift Kit

Constructed from tubular steel and rear upper shock support mounts, this Yamaha golf cart lift kit combo includes adapter plates and spaces, and you can install it with existing hardware. Known for being a rugged lift kit, you can install it easily. The manufacturers recommend 22-inch to 23-inch tires if you choose the 6-inch lift kit.


  • Easy to install;
  • Quality materials used in the product;
  • The a-arm looks great.


  • Poor customer service;
  • The directions for how to install could be better.

Price$274.83 on Free shipping.

2. 4″ Block Lift Kit for Yamaha Drive / G29

This Yamaha golf cart lift kit combo fits up to 22-inch tires, and it lifts both the rear and front of your golf cart. You don’t have to worry about welding or cutting with this kit, and the step-by-step installation guide does a decent job at guiding you through the process of putting this on your golf cart. With this kit, you have all the risers, hardware and extenders needed. This kit works specifically for the Yamaha G29 and the DRIVE model golf carts.


  • No welding or cutting when installing this kit;
  • Fits up to 22-inch tires;
  • Comes with a helpful step-by-step installation guide;
  • Includes a dependable four-year warranty;
  • No cutting or drilling with this kit.


  • Poor customer service if you encounter problems.

Price$218.95 on Free shipping.

3. Jake’s 6″ Yamaha A-Arm Lift Kit Combo

A kit that turns your boring, old golf cart into a lean, mean trail machine. Some people have made use out of Jake’s 6″ Yamaha A-Arm Lift Kit Combo to get the most from deer hunting. Meanwhile, it lets electric carts take their equipment silently into the woods. The Yamaha golf cart lift kit combo looks fantastic right out of the box, and this will fit with Yamaha gas and electric models G19, G16 and G14.


  • Great installation to add some style to your golf cart;
  • Lets you run silently through the woods if you have an electric golf cart;
  • Works for a variety of models;
  • Great looking kit;


  • Needs extra springs in the back part;
  • Customer needs improvement.

Price$266.97 on Free shipping.

4. 6″ Yamaha Golf Pro / Tempest Lift Kit Combo

One of the best Yamaha golf cart lift kit combo options money can buy, you have this kit for G14, G16 and G19, and it’s one of the fullest kits money can buy. The biggest downside relates to the higher price tag, however.


  • Patented design;
  • No welding or cutting needed;
  • Comes with all the hardware necessary and detailed instructions.


  • The high price.

Price$826.95 on + shipping costs.

How to Install the Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit Combo

Step #1 – Park the Golf Cart in a Covered Area. First, park your kit in a covered area to install it. You will lift the rear of your cart and lift it with a cinder block.

Step #2 – Take the Wheels Off. You will pick a corner and remove the suspension from each corner. Also, keep the bolts and cotter pins together.

Step #3 – Install the Drive Axle. Place the frame stiffener, drive axle and suspension connector at each corner.

Step #4 – Connect the Suspension to the Frame. Bolt the center of your suspension to the golf cart.

Step #5 – Support the Front of the Golf Cart. You will use the car jack and remove the cinder blocks as needed.

Step #6 – Test Drive the Golf Cart. To do this, you will drive the cart on varying terrain.

You can check out this video tutorial for more information on how to install a lift kit on your Yamaha golf cart:

Summing Up

These are some of your Yamaha golf cart lift kit combo choices, and to pick from these choices, you should consider budget, purpose and the type of golf cart you have. Always check to make sure the lift kit will install on your specific model before you buy it to avoid disappointment and frustration. The difficulty to install one of these kits is moderate, and once you have it, you have an all-terrain trooper to handle the big demands of riding. Just keep in mind that you can’t lift a golf cart without a kit.