Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries have exploded in the golfing community because of the solid Trojan brand that stands behind its products. In fact, the company has made these batteries for nearly 100 years, and because of the T2 technology employed in Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries, they remain a clean power source for golf carts, floor machines, solar power, RVs and electric vehicles. With that said, the company looks dependable enough, but what about this product in itself?

Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Battery Specs

  • Voltage: 8V;
  • 5-Hour Rate: 145Ah;
  • 20-Hour Rate: 170Ah;
  • Length: 10.24 inches;
  • Height: 11.13 inches;
  • Width: 7.10 inches.

Pros and Cons of the Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Batteries


  • Friendly and helpful customer service;
  • A company that stands behind their warranty;
  • Rugged case to protect your battery;
  • Works for RVs, floor machines, golf carts and solar panels.


  • The high price.

Trojan T-875 Batteries Power

When it comes to the power of the Trojan T-875 batteries, you have a good charge with 170 Ah at a 20-hour rate. The battery design employs 8-volt deep cycle power. Keep in mind, however, because 8-volt batteries are less common, if you buy it from the local dealer, you may have to wait a couple weeks on the order. Not everyone has that kind of patience. This battery includes an ultra-rugged case meant to protect the battery under the most extreme elements. It comes in a maroon case, which makes it easy to spot.

Another interesting Trojan technology included in the Trojan T-875 batteries is the Maxguard Advanced Design Separator. This extends the run time of the battery, and it lowers the maintenance demands. Whether you need it for the car, truck, RV or boat, this battery definitely has enough power.

Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Battery Life

With each of these batteries, you get a one-year warranty to protect your product. When looking at the lifetime of this battery, you have a 5-hour rate of 145 Ah, and this battery weighs 63 pounds. The Alpha Plus technology of this product extends the time in between charges, and the battery life is also much longer. Deep cycle batteries differ from dual-purpose and starting batteries because a deep cycle battery can be deeply discharged and charged over the lifetime of its service.

In fact, these batteries have been designed to power electrical equipment over a long period of time. Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries have a special advantage when used for renewable energy applications, and in fact, they’re the only batteries that perform the job well under these circumstances.

What Do Customers Think of Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Batteries?

One customer comments on how he bought the Trojan T-875 because of its spotless reputation for resilience and durability on the job. They work well in golf carts, and the company communicates and builds relationships with customers as issues and questions arise. In fact, the service staff are both helpful and friendly. The one problem many customers have commented about for those who buy online is how you have to deal with a steep shipping and handling charge, which jacks the price up.

You can expect to pay, for example, as much as $50 per battery with shipping and handling. Meanwhile, you can cut out that unnecessary cost when you price check with local dealers as well. Sometimes some of the online shops will also have a nearby store that lets you cut out the shipping and handling charges.

In one of the cases with a customer, he had left the batteries uncharged for seven months, and when he came back to it, the battery had zero charge left in it. However, because it was within the one-year warranty period, he called up Trojan, and they replaced his batteries. That customer said he was grateful to Trojan because, considering it was his fault, they still backed him. Not every company will do that.

Trojan T-875 Batteries Price

The average price for Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries sits at around $140. In fact, you can find them for $139.99 on Batteries Plus. Meanwhile, charges $990 for six batteries, but the high shipping and handling cost of an additional $474 makes this option out the question for most budget-conscious buyers. In the end, it ends up costing you $244 for each battery.

Summing Up

Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries do well on the whole. This brand has a name for quality, which means you don’t have to worry as much about buying a poor battery. Provided you buy the battery for the right purpose, it will most likely work with what you need it for. Even if you did happen to buy a defective battery, which can happen with anything, you have the one-year guarantee to defend you from losing your money.