The Trojan Battery Company, a world leader in deep cycle battery technology, has pioneered superior deep cycle batteries since 1925. Through decades of experience, the company continues to research and go deep into manufacturing. With that said, can you depend on Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries? They have developed a reputation for dependable and long lasting power with exceptional value for customers, but does that reputation have merit? Let’s find out the answer in this review of the Trojan T-105 golf cart battery.

Trojan T-105 Battery Specs

  • Voltage: 6V;
  • 5-Hour Rate: 185Ah;
  • 20-Hour Rate: 225Ah;
  • Terminal Types: UT, AP, WNT, LPT;
  • Length: 10.375 inches;
  • Height: 10.875 inches;
  • Width: 7.125 inches.

Pros and Cons of the Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries


  • Lasts a long time;
  • Backed with a solid and reputable industry leader;
  • Dependable;
  • Meets the toughest applications;


  • Acid batteries are more complicated to understand.

Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries Power

Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries does not require a power hookup, and this is also a reliable power supply. Because this battery has a thicker plate, it delivers less peak current, and at the same time, it withstands frequent discharges. Most of the top golf courses in the United States actually use Trojan batteries because of their incredible dependability.

These batteries have been designed so that they are not susceptible to degradation because of cycling and the battery. This battery delivers superior performance, reliability and durability. In fact, they will meet the requirements of the toughest and most hilly golf courses on the planet. The Trojan company invented the golf car battery in 1952, and they have been building superior products ever since.

Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Battery Life

Trojan has stepped out into the limelight with their latest Maxguard Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus paste Formulation that helps to lengthen the lifespan. Along with the extension of run time, this technology lowers the need for maintenance. Because their technology has been proven, you can depend on the performance from day one.

These batteries have been used in utility vehicles, golf carts, floor machines, pallet jacks, traffic control, RV and marine.  These are top of the line batteries, and the flooded lead-acid batteries are the perfect solution for numerous industries. And you also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What Do Customers Think of the Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries?

On the whole, customer opinion was largely positive. One individual bought Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries because he wanted to replace his worn out Trojan SCS-150 batteries, which had worked well as a house battery for their camper for years. Lead acid batteries have more technicalities than people realize, and you should understand how to charge them properly to maximize their life.

When this battery rates as C20 from the manufacturer, it means the capacity of the battery will be around 20 hours when it has been fully charged. You can buy a pair of T-105 batteries for about 10 percent less than what you’d pay for an SCS-150. That makes the T-105 a better value when you look at how its AH capacity has been rated higher.

As one customer says, you have to exercise more caution than usual with acid batteries because overcharged batteries can cause the acid solution to evaporate from the batteries so that you get less out of them. For acid batteries, having a “Smart” charger to control the charges and current could be exceptionally useful.

Other Applications of Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries

In one case, a customer comment on how the Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries work well for solar applications. Other applications for these batteries also include use for boats and golf carts. During the winter months in the colder states, one customer talked about how they keep a trickle charge on the battery, and it has never failed to start once the spring season hits. Another customer talked about how this battery let their golf cart drive up to 50 miles in between charges.

Trojan T-105 Battery Price

You can find the Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105 battery on for $250. In general, this battery will cost around $130 on You can also purchase it on for $133.97.

Summing Up

On the whole, the Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries are batteries that last. They work well, and you won’t have to charge them as often as some of the competitors. Most likely, however, you will find them for less on a local dealer level because you won’t have to fork over extra cash for shipping and handling.