black and red custom lifted cart with red LED lifghts and front cooler rack

Creating a custom golf cart is as simple as adding the right accessories. If you already ordered a custom designed unit from the manufacturer, you cannot use the standard accessories. After all, you need to keep with the unique flare you paid for at the dealership.

Certain accessories add functionality, while others are focused more on aesthetics. When you combine both worlds, you have a unique, convenience golf cart ready for the streets or the course.

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Adding Luxury Custom Seats

Opt for bigger cushions, headrests, heated and cooled seats, and the works with your custom seats. Manufacturers offer a better price when you add the luxury seats at the same time you place your order for the specially designed golf cart.

Consider adding armrests, and pick a waterproof material for durability.

Bluetooth Speakers and other Bluetooth Connectivity Options

Bluetooth is offered on just about every piece of tech equipment today, so it only makes sense to add that to your custom golf cart.

Start with Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music without plugging directly into your golf cart. Then, add Bluetooth connectivity so that you can catch those business calls without taking your hands off the wheel, operate GPS, and so forth.

Lift Kits for More Terrain Options

Golf carts are not just for the course anymore, and if you plan to take your golf cart off-roading or on the bumpy terrain, a lift kit is a must. You can get a lift kit that increases ground clearance by two to six inches. Choose from a spindle lift for maximum off-roading or a drop axle.

Ask the manufacturer if they have recommended lift kits or if they can install one for you. Not all lift kits work for every type of golf cart, and some might pose a safety risk if they are not installed correctly.

Upgrades to the Controllers

You want a high-performance golf cart. Upgrade speed controllers in the unit, so you have more torque and faster acceleration in your cart. Also, this helps you maintain performance when your battery starts to drain. If you intend on installing a lift kit or custom tires, you might need an upgrade to the speed controller to keep the efficiency and performance at manufacturer specifications.

Beverage Coolers

Custom beverage coolers keep your drinks cool no matter how long you are outdoors. A cooler specifically designed to operate off the power of your cart is best, because then you do not need ice to keep your drinks cold – or worry about water leaks messing with the finish on your paint.

golf cart cooler with ice and beer

Brush Guards

When taking a golf cart on the green or rougher terrain, a brush guard is necessary. While some use brush guards for aesthesis, you need a brush guard to keep debris from entering your vent and affecting your engine.


Many first-time golf cart owners are surprised to find that golf carts do not come stock with a windshield. When ordering custom golf carts, add on the windshield. They have half and full-screen windshields that keep out the elements and the bugs. If driving your golf cart on the street, you might be required to have a windshield. Check with your local community or city for ordinances about golf cart use on public roads.

Retractable Tops

So you can soak up the sun when you want and block it out when you don’t need it, add a retractable top. The retractable top works like a convertible top, and you can install motor-lifted units to avoid having to pull it back and forth manually.