golf cart rules of the roadEvery city has their laws to keep the public safe and secure. As a golf cart owner (or soon-to-be owner), there are some laws and regulations that are specific to you. These are the city ordinances for golf cart use. They are put into place to protect you and others on the road.

Various City Ordinances for Golf Cart Use

City ordinances for golf card use are somewhat standard; however, some cities have stricter regulations. Here are some of the similarities and differences in city ordinances for golf cart use.

1. Kentucky

The Kentucky Government, like most governments, places the stipulation that, in order to operate your vehicle on the road, it needs to have four wheels. It also needs to be able to operate at a speed of 35 MPH.

However, unlike some other states, Kentucky mandates that the vehicle weigh no more than 2500 pounds. Other cities and states allow for slightly heavier vehicles.

2. League City, Texas

In 2011, League City, Texas passed a city ordinance pertaining to golf carts that was less restrictive than the Texas state law. That’s why it’s so important to do a quick check to find out what laws your city, as well as your state, has put into effect.

Still, their ordinance is fairly in-depth. First, a golf cart must be properly permitted. Second, all regulations must be sufficiently met. Third, a police volunteer is scheduled to arrive at the cart owner’s house to do a personal inspection of the vehicle. Fourth, they have to pay a registration fee. It is only after all of this that they will be able to receive a registration sticker for their vehicle.

3. South Carolina

This is just an example of the fact that each city has the right to place more stringent regulations on golf cart owners. According to the South Carolina Code of Laws, each county or municipality has the right to set more regulations, or prohibit on-road use of golf carts altogether.

4. North Carolina

In North Carolina, anyone operating a golf cart must be 16 years of age or older, and in possession of a valid state driver license. In addition, the owner must have liability insurance on the vehicle. Owners can’t skimp on insurance either. They have to pay the amount that is required for all motor vehicles that operate on public roads.

police man chasing man in golf carrt

Find Out Which Ordinances Apply to You

Those were just a few of the state and city ordinances placed on golf cart owners. It’s important to check with your local government, both state and city governments, to find out their particular set of regulations.

Failing to find out the laws of your city and state could result in fines or even the loss of your golf cart. If you want to save some money and hassle, take a few minutes to go onto your state’s website and find out their specific golf cart ordinances.

Owning a Golf Cart – It Is a Fun Responsibility

Owning and driving a golf cart is fun. Not everyone can say they get to do such a thing. As fun as they are, though, it’s important to follow the rules and make sure you and the other drivers on the road remain safe.

Part of doing this involves following your local city ordinances for golf cart use. They may seem, at times, to be overkill, but in the end you’ll be glad that you followed them. The more you play by the rules, the safer everyone will be and the longer you can enjoy owning and driving a golf cart.