When you’re ready to hit the greens, you want to make sure your golf cart matches your style and personality. Your golf cart is not merely a mode of transportation around the course for toting around your clubs. Before you hit the 19th hole, you want to make sure your cart has a functional golf cart bumper to protect your ride.

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Golf hasn’t changed too much since its inception in 15th century Scotland. Thanks to today’s modern technology, you can cruise around the golf course in a cart, rather than walking with a heavy golf bag. Brush guards and grille guards may be great for protecting against scratches from hedges and branches, but only a golf cart bumper can help protect your cart from more severe dings and dents.

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A well-made golf cart bumper will help reduce damage caused by collisions with shrubbery, stray balls, or accidents at low speeds. Using a thoughtfully chosen golf cart bumper on the front and rear of the cart will not detract from a golf cart’s performance.

Why Should You Invest In Golf Cart Bumpers

Golf Ride With A Quality Golf Cart Bumper

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If you want to protect both the front and back of your golf cart, you are going to want to install some golf cart bumpers. Brush guards are a little larger than golf carts, and typically only protect the front of your golf cart, bumper included.

When you choose to place bumper guards on your cart, they should be on the front and back of your cart for protection. Most bumpers are easy to install on your own and come in steel, aluminum, and other materials.

Golf cart bumpers can be selected for off-roading or protecting against occasional accidents with trees or other carts. There are many stylish options for bumpers available so that you can customize the look and feel of your golf cart.

Protection For The Body Of The Cart

Protection For The Body Of The Cart Quality Golf Cart Bumper

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According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, about 15,00 injuries related to golf cart accidents, which may result in a trip to the emergency room, occur annually. Golf carts do not require the use of safety belts and can be driven by minors as young as 14 years of age in some states.

Considering that golf carts do not travel as fast as automobiles on the highway, these leisurely vehicles seem pretty unlikely to sustain any accidents. However, accidents can and will happen on the golf course or off-roading, so bumpers are a good investment in your cart.

Some carts top out at speeds of 15 to 25 miles per hour, so there is still significant risk of injury or damage to both riders or the cart if an accident takes place. Outfitting a golf cart, or personal transport vehicle with a sturdy bumper can help alleviate damage and absorb shock from impact.

You should make sure that you have golf cart front bumpers in case of head-on impact. The bumper that is secured to the front of your golf cart help take on the shock of hitting another cart, tree, or other obstruction. Using a bumper along with a guard can help protect against more severe damage to the front part of the golf cart’s body, such as cracks, or deep indentations.

The use of golf cart bumpers is not only a practical and functional idea, but it can be a great way to show off your personality on the golf course. Bumpers can be made from highly polished aluminum with a high sheen, or have a matte paint finish and have steel construction.

Golf cart crashes are something that no one wants to happen, because accidents that occur at speeds closer to 31 miles per hour can prove life-threatening. Golf carts should stick to areas where there is limited to no contact with full-size automobiles because golf carts lack enough protection against front or side impact accidents.

Functional But Stylish

Functional But Stylish Quality Golf Cart Bumper

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Most golf carts come with stock plastic bumpers. When you want to upgrade your golf ride, you have a plethora of options that come in different materials, finishes, and are easy to install. Putting a golf cart bumper onto your cart is not going to leave it weighed down, or detract from your cart’s overall look, but will enhance the riding experience.

Since golf carts are designed relatively lightweight and low to the ground, they have a lower center of gravity. Thankfully, because of the construction and design of golf carts, they incur a lower chance of tumbling over when riding over uneven terrain. However, making sure a golf cart has the right safety equipment installed is best.

Most golf clubs are either electric or gas-run and often use steel for the frame and chassis construction. Since the self-propelled golf cart came into fashion in the 1950s, golfers have been looking for ways to improve their carts. Golf cart bumpers are an easy way to protect the front and rear body of carts from damage.

Street Legal And Ready To Ride

Street Legal And Ready To Ride Golf Cart Bumper

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Golf carts are capable of going beyond use for riding around the greens and bypassing treacherous sand traps. When golf carts are customized to be street legal, they are often found zipping around for recreational use or spotted in small parades. The bumper car golf cart is a street legal vehicle that turns heads.

Enthusiasts for custom projects involving reviving, or revamping vintage bumper cars or golf carts are growing in number. The chassis for gas-run golf carts can end up as the running gear of a project bumper car. Considering the difference in today’s modern body types, and the difficulty sourcing original bumper cars, creating custom rides is a labor of love.

When building a bumper car with a motorcycle engine, riders can reach speeds that top 100 miles per hour. When outfitted with a shorter wheelbase, gas, brake, and clutch, bumper cars are definitely in need of some quality bumpers for protection.

Typical Materials Used for Golf Cart Bumpers

Materials Used for Golf Cart Bumpers

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When choosing a bumper, you want to consider how the material will react to impact, and how it will alter the total look of your vehicle. Materials sourced to construct golf cart bumpers are chosen for their strength, malleability, and overall performance when used on a cart.

  • Steel is a high-performance metal alloy with a high ratio between strength and weight.
  • Aluminum is more lightweight than steel, not prone to rust, and can still withstand some impact.
  • Rubber is good for shock absorption and does not degrade because of water.
  • Vinyl is a cost-effective, lightweight material that offers some flexibility.
  • Plastic is lightweight, subject to cracks, and does not withstand damage from oncoming impact.

Choose A Brand Of Golf Cart Bumper You Can Trust

Brand Of Golf Cart Bumper You Can Trust Golf Cart Bumpers

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After you eventually survey your options, you are going to want to choose a golf cart bumper for its capabilities, rated performance, and look. If you want to outfit your golf cart with some new functional accessories, you might want to consider choosing a Yamaha golf cart rear bumper.

If you want to give your cart a more sporting look, a tubular steel bumper with a high gloss finish in back provides adequate rear protection. Mounting your rear bumper may depend on how the manufacturer designed and placed the seats and construction of your golf cart.

Combining a stylish yet fully functional rear bumper with a brush guard gives your golf cart a more clean and complete look. You can also choose to mix and match between different brands and styles of golf cart bumpers for the front and rear of your cart, coupled with brush guards.

Over time, wear and tear from frequent golf outings, getting hit by other carts, stray golf balls, and the weather can take a toll on your golf cart. Choosing a golf cart bumper made from stainless steel provides your cart with a polished look, and much needed additional protection.

Easy Installation In A Flash

Easy Installation Golf Cart Bumpers

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Most golf cart bumpers are available for purchase as a complete kit, with the necessary parts, instruction manual, and suggested tools to complete the job. Customizing the look of your golf cart or bumper car is made easier with a bumper kit, and there are even tutorials online to walk you through the process.

There is no reason to delay maintaining the look and feel of your golf cart, whether you are riding around the course, or want to take to the streets in your vehicle. When upgrading your golf cart, you want to make sure to install both a front and rear bumper for protection and to ensure a more uniform look.

Bumpers are a great way to add visual interest to your golf cart and come in a wide range of finishes, and materials. Investing in your golf game goes beyond protecting your clubs, hands, feet, and your style of dress.

Your golf cart deserves the best bumpers, so you always put your best foot forward while riding and be prepared.

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