black golf cart with custom lift kit

Buying a golf cart and customizing it has never been easier or cooler. There are so many options for decking out a golf cart – it’s crazy! When considering which golf cart to invest in, you’ve likely thought about how you want your golf cart to look. The finished product – you have a vision in your head and it’s going to look amazing.

Does your head fill with visions of lifted golf carts, too? It should. Adding a lift to your golf cart can be the ultimate finishing touch to what is surely going to be the coolest golf cart in history.

5 Reasons Why Lifted Golf Carts Are Totally Worth the Investment

There are at least five reasons why lifted golf carts are so awesome. Sure, the custom paint job and special design do a lot to make your cart look unbelievable. But when you add three to six inches of lift to your ride, your cart is going to look and drive incredibly well.

1. A Smoother Ride

You’ve likely spent time behind the wheel of a golf cart, which is one reason why you want to purchase one. They’re super fun! However, you can feel every little dip and bump in the road. This is not conducive to comfortable driving conditions.

Adding lift to your cart will make those little bumps in the road seem like minor annoyances instead of head-jarring experiences.

Another added bonus: bigger tires mean you can increase your cart’s rate of speed.

lift kit broken down in pieces on white background

2. A Safer Ride

When you lift your cart, you’re giving yourself the space you need to add bigger, bulkier tires. These tires are wider than standard golf cart tires, meaning you end up adding to the width of your cart. A wide base makes your cart sturdier, it rides squarely on the road and is less likely to tip over if hit or on sharp turns.

3. Added Weight

In order to drive your cart on the road, legally your cart needs to be a certain weight. This weight ranges between city, county, and state. However, the average tends to be somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds.

If your cart is not up to road safety standards, you could receive expensive fines and get into a lot of trouble. You can avoid this by adding some weight to your cart.

While a lift kit won’t add hundreds of pounds of weight to your cart, it will add some. There are lift kits that weigh around 30-40 pounds. Add to that the weight of the bigger tires and you are on your way to meeting road driving standards.

4. Great for Off-Road Driving

With a cart that is higher off the ground, has a wider base, and bulkier tires, you get a cart that’s ideal for any terrain. Take your cart on road or off. It doesn’t matter. With a lift, your cart can handle just about anything.

5. They Make the Cart Look Amazing

Lifted carts look so cool. They look like pimped out trucks, or even monster trucks. If you want people to stop and stare – get a lift.

Make Your Cart Look Amazing with Special Accessories Like a Lift Kit

Lifted golf carts are more popular than ever before, and for good reason. Investing in a lift kit is an investment in the safety, comfort, and aesthetics of your prized possession. When you choose which golf cart you’re going to purchase, or even if you’ve already purchased one, make sure to add a lift kit to your must-have accessories list. You’ll find that adding some lift will be the finishing touch that makes your golf cart truly incredible.