Lifting your golf cart is the perfect way to allow for larger tires and to customize the look of your golf cart. Many of you may want to know, how to lift a golf cart without a kit? Unfortunately, the simple answer is that you can’t.

This article is going to explore three reasons why you can’t lift a golf cart without a kit. We are also going to explore three affordable lift kits for the most popular golf cart brands.

Why You Shouldn’t Lift A Golf Cart Without A Kit

First, let’s explore the main reasons why you should always use a lift kit. The three points we will focus on are appearance, safety, and avoiding damage to the frame.

1. Appearance

One of the main reasons people always use lifts on their golf carts is that DIY projects are often very ugly to look at. It is not uncommon for DIY lift efforts to result in tires that are sticking out at odd angles and more.

2. Safety

A safe golf cart is very important for virtually anyone. If you do not use a proper lift kit, it is entirely possible that the shafts that hold the tires in place may become loose. This can translate to the very real risk of tires falling off of the vehicle at high speeds.

3. Frame Damage

Another potential pitfall you may face if you do not use a lift kit is frame damage. Larger tires can add quite a bit of stress to the frame of your golf cart and require special balancing and support to keep them in the proper position. Any misalignment can permanently damage the frame of your golf cart.

3 Cheap Lift Kits You Can Afford

The next section of our how to lift a golf cart without a kit article is going to cover the most affordable lift kits to consider. Since there is no such thing as a true universal kit, we will be listing one lift kit for each of the three most popular brands: Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Car.

1. RHOX 6″ BMF A-Arm Lift Kit for Yamaha Drive Golf Carts

The RHOX 6″ BMF A-Arm Lift Kit is compatible with all Yamaha Drive golf cart models. This kit is used to achieve a six-inch lift and supports massive tires of up to 23 inches. The frame features a sturdy steel construction with larger steel diameter tubes than that of many other options. The kit also includes a quick chamber and quick toe adjustments as well.

This kit can be purchased for $295.49.

2. E-Z-GO 611889 Mid Rise TXT Lift Kit

The E-Z-GO 611889 Mid Rise TXT Lift Kit is compatible with all TXT models manufactured after January 9, 2001. It gives a two-inch lift and includes leaf springs, shock absorbers, shackle plates, shackle boots, and mounting instructions. Another advantage to this particular kit is that it is manufactured by E-Z-GO so you can be sure that your kit is designed with safety in mind for your golf cart.

The purchase price of this kit is $254.31.

3. Jake’s 6″ Club Car Lift Kit for 2004+ DS

The Jake’s 6″ Club Car Lift Kit is designed for the DS line of Club Car golf carts from 2004 to present. The product includes a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer and lifts your golf cart up to six inches allowing for the use of much larger tire types. It also includes mounting instructions as well in the packaging.

With a purchase price of only $295, this particular kit is a viable option.

Bottom Line

Rather than searching for tips on how to lift a golf cart without a kit, it’s best to consider factors such as safety and cart damage and look at other affordable options. Always remember to use a trustworthy golf cart lift kit. These kits provide the perfect way to achieve the look and style you want on your cart without sacrificing safety.