From the serious golfer to the casual golf cart driver, you’ll be happy to know that there are a wide range of golf cart accessories available to help make that trip around the golf course, the rental property, or your yard in style. From clip holders for cigars to side view mirrors and even coolers and flags, golf cart accessories provide even more reasons to love your cart.

When selecting golf cart accessories for your cart, the following tips will help equip you with the information you need in order to make a smart buy.

1. Choose Trusted Brands

Many trusted brands like Club CarYamahaE-Z-GoBag Boy, Caddy Daddy GolfSun Mountain, and more offer accessories for golf carts, which in most cases means you can trust them to be both high quality and reliable. In addition, purchasing your cart manufacturer’s accessories helps ensure that you receive compatible parts for your cart, with the exception of OEM products, which are also genuine replacement parts.

2. Research the Product for Compatibility

When considering accessories for golf carts, be sure to research the product for compatibility. In other words, know the exact specifications for your cart, as well as the product, prior to making a purchase in order to avoid disappointment later. If you are unsure of your cart’s specs, simply turn to your golf cart manual.

3. Check out Online Reviews

There are a wide range of online reviews on accessories for golf carts, so be sure to read product reviews for each specific accessory. These reviews will help you learn which brands are most preferred, as well as what is a fair price for your accessory. Also, once you have purchased a product and tried it, it is always recommended that you go back and leave a review for other golf cart owners.

What Golf Cart Accessories You Can I Add to a Golf Cart?

There are hundreds of options when it comes to golf cart accessories from typical automobile parts to practical options for when you’re on the course, including:

Golf Cart Coolers
Club and Ball Cleaners
Sand and Seed Bottles
Portable Cart Windshields
Fans, Heaters and Enclosures
Bluetooth Cart Speakers
Universal Adapters and Chargers
Horns, Lights and Turn Signals
Arm Rests and Cup Holders
Lift Kits
Wheels and Tires
Storage Covers and Canopies

These are just a few of the many options you have. Be sure to learn about more about essential accessories you can purchase for your golf cart.

Summing Up

Accessories for golf carts can take your cart from drab to exciting or from unsafe to safe in just a matter of minutes and at affordable costs. Just remember, research your golf cart specifications as well as your chosen part or accessory in advance to ensure it is compatible with your cart. Accessories for golf carts can be confusing with their various types, so it also helps to have a general idea of what you want in order to help eliminate the guesswork.