Ever since its first proliferation into daily American life in the 1930s, radio has been one of the best ways for the population to not only get their news but also to hear popular music as well.

Even now, with iPhones and Bluetooth stereo systems littering the technological landscape, many people still prefer to listen to radio programs rather than mp3s and podcasts. If the trend continues, radio will be around for a long time to come.

That’s why as a golf cart owner, making sure you have a radio system installed is one of the basic tenets of a luxury cart. Not only will it give you and your fellow golfers a bit of music to listen to while out on the range, it’ll also help you keep updated with current events and, most importantly for golfers, the local weather.

That’s why we’re taking a look at all that goes into installing a radio in your golf cart as well as what to look out for and a few recommended brands. With the tips included, you’ll be on your way to a more fun way to spend your time on the green.

simple pioneer car stereo mounted in dash on golf cart

What’s Included and What to Watch Out for

A golf cart radio is typically designed with a few components in mind. There’s the speakers, the antenna, the console, and of course the radio itself. Sounds kind of like a car’s radio setup, doesn’t it? That’s because the truth is, it really isn’t all that different.

The biggest distinguishing feature is the console itself which is used to hold the actual radio. These consoles are typically mounted overhead and connect right to the cart’s power source, no battery needed. The console will typically have two speakers facing downwards and an area to store the actual radio. An antenna is also usually supplied with the radio kit and helps to keep your channels static free.

Depending on your chosen model, your radio may include a CD player as well as an audio jack you can use to play music right from your phone or mp3 player. All it takes is an auxiliary chord to go from your headphone jack into the Aux port on the player itself. Of course, generally, all radio systems will come with dual AM and FM capabilities.

Many systems will also give you an indication of the voltage it’s capable of handling. A 12-volt system, for instance, might not function properly with a 36 or 48-volt cart and, as such, may require a reducer or a converter.

Beyond that, there are a few more features that make purchasing a golf cart radio even more appealing. For examples, consoles come in a wide variety of styles and designs. The selection from Amazon, for instance, feature various models and is a great place to start when looking for a console that matches your cart’s design.

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These systems are also typically waterproof as well, making it safe to use in even during the ugliest of golf outings.

Make Your Outings More Enjoyable with Golf Cart Radios

With an easy setup and weather and damage resistant design, modern-day golf cart radio systems are simple to use and can have a drastic effect on how enjoyable it can be riding in your cart.

What’s more, the wide variety of colors, designs, and features make outfitting your golf cart with a radio a bit of a no brainer.