Smiling and happy couple driving a golf-cart with clubs on the back

You have the clubs. You have the tees. You even have the clothes.

Now, it’s time for the golf cart.

There are different types of golf carts – from gas powered to electric – and each one will work differently from the next. When deciding on the perfect golf cart, you should consider the following before making a purchase.

1. What are you going to be using the golf cart for?

Golf carts are actually made for more than just driving on the golf course. They have become a popular option for mobility around retirement communities or for yard work on larger areas of land. They are often a more convenient and economical solution to navigate around the area. Golf carts are versatile in this sense because they are made to handle more than just the paths of a golf course – they can drive on more rugged terrain, too.

Dad and his two daughters driving golf cart at tropical beach

2. Is customization important?

Depending on what you will be using the golf cart for, you should consider having it customized. Most brands offer customization to enhance your experience both on and off the golf course. You can now change engines to accommodate more speed and torque, and you can also change the tires depending on whether you will be staying on paved path or opting to explore off-road.

3. What do local laws or community rules allow?

When deciding which golf cart is right for you, you should check with local authorities, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and your community to see what regulations exist. This is even more important if you are considering a gas golf cart, as they are banned in some areas.

4. What is your budget for the purchase?

Some golf carts are going to cost more up front, especially if you want them customized. You should also consider upkeep costs. If you purchase a cheaper model, it may cost less when you initially make the purchase, but you will end up investing more over time. Take time to research your options and calculate any associated fees. For example, with gas golf carts, you will need to consider gas, oil changes and filter replacements. With electric golf carts, you will need to replace the batteries every six years, sometimes more.

5. Do you want gas or electric?

Gas and electric golf carts work differently and are better suited for different scenarios. If you plan to go off-road more often than not or want to use the cart for yard work, a gas golf cart may be best for you. These carts use gasoline to operate and offer more powerful horsepower than electric golf carts, but they also require more maintenance, which could make them more expensive over time.

Electric golf carts are powered by rechargeable batteries, which makes them significantly less expensive to maintain than gas golf carts. However, they have less than half the horsepower and need to be recharged every day. This makes them less than ideal for consistent daily use or going off the path at any time. With that said, they are better for the environment and local laws may be more flexible with electric golf carts, so be sure to check with authorities.

Choose the Golf Cart That’s Right for You

Once you have considered all of these questions, you should have a better focus of which golf cart is going to be best for you. Remember that the investment can last for years, so be sure to weigh your options before making a final decision.