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If you’re in search of the best windshield for your golf cart model, it’s helpful to narrow down the selection to the top-rated brands and products.

To make things a little easier, we’ve researched and rated the top 5 brands of golf cart windshields to assist you in the decision-making process.

The products on our list include the latest and best, consistently highly rated golf cart windshields that are currently available on the market.

If you’ve been uncertain regarding exactly where to start when selecting the best windshield for your golf cart, we’ve taken several key factors into consideration while compiling our research and have assembled a list of the top 5 golf cart windshield brands to assist you.

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How Did We Rate the Golf Cart Windshields We’ve Selected?

When reviewing the best golf cart windshields available, we take several factors into consideration including brand reputation and customer experience.

The contenders that have made it onto our list score consistently high ratings and retain the brand loyalty that keeps satisfied customers coming back.

The primary criteria we search for when selecting the top 5 golf cart windshield brands include:

  • Durability. The windshields on our list feature durable construction and are produced by the original manufacturer (OEM).
  • OEM windshields undergo extensive testing to ensure safety and durability in uncompromising weather conditions, as well as perfect fit.
  • The windshields that have made it onto our list range from extremely fast, two-minute installations to installations that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Hardware is included with each product on our list.
  • Each golf cart windshield that has made it onto our list features convenient storage. The windshields we’ve selected roll up quickly and easily for storage inside of your golf bag or cart.

Read on to discover the top 5 brands of golf cart windshields currently available.

1. Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Car Windshield

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5/5 Stars

The Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Car Windshield by Classic Accessories features the elegant and durable design of the Fairway collection.

Constructed with quality in mind, this windshield fits seamlessly with the Fairway collections covers and enclosures to keep you protected and focused on your game- not the weather.

Like most Classic Accessories designs, the Fairway Deluxe portable offers a broad fit that attaches to most popular golf carts with durable ” rip and grip” straps, assuring the windshield attaches quickly and securely.

When it comes to storage, the portable Fairway Deluxe will roll up quickly and fit easily into your golf bag.

Its heavy-Duty vinyl construction prevents creasing or crinkling along with a clear windshield that offers maximum visibility.

The key factor in the ranking of the Fairway portable golf cart windshield lies and its simplistic design and lightweight yet durable construction that offers maximum performance.

Coming in at just under two pounds, this product weighs much less than some of the competition and can be installed and seconds.

We’ve found that the relatively simple design allows for easy placement on most popular golf carts and a budge-proof attachment that doesn’t give way to wind or the elements, like some other brands.

We love the Fairway Deluxe portable windshield it for its neutral shade that easily complements most golf cart models. The Fairway Deluxe portable also features a simple design that removes easily and rolls up quickly for convenient storage.

The convenience of the portable design along with the amazing durability and performance of this windshield have placed at the top of our list over some traditional windshield models.

Overall, the classic accessories Fairway Deluxe Portable windshield meets our tough criteria at a reasonably priced range that starts at around $20.

Who Should Try it: This windshield is ideal for the golfer looking for quality and convenience. It’s adaptability, convenient storage and reasonable price also make it an excellent gift idea for the upcoming holiday season.

2. Fairway Standard Portable Golf Car Windshield

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5/5 Stars

Coming in at number two on our list of the top 5 brands of golf cart windshields is the Fairway Standard Portable golf car windshield, by Classic Accessories.

Featuring the quality and brand loyalty Classic Accessories is known for, the Fairway standard portable windshield features the same durable construction and adaptability as the Fairway Deluxe portable design.

As part of the Fairway collection, the standard portable windshield features extreme protection from the rain and elements that are consistently highly rated.

The Fairway Standard portable windshield offers the same lightweight, easy roll-up design as the Fairway Deluxe edition and can be conveniently stored in your golf bag.

The clear vinyl Construction of this model windshield ensures maximum visibility, as with the Fairway Deluxe edition.

Another feature shared with the Deluxe Edition is this model’s fast, no tools installation process.

Where the Fairway Standard portable windshield differs is in its attachment- featuring fast and secure attachment via three elastic cords.

A leader in the golf accessory game, Classic Accessories offers this adaptable portable windshield that fits most popular golf carts at an impressively low price range starting at around $18.

Who Should Try it: This is a great option for golfers seeking the highly rated quality and construction of Classic Accessories, at a slightly lower cost than the Fairway Portable Deluxe edition.

3. Club Car All American Folding Acrylic Windshield

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5/5 Stars

The Club Car All American folding acrylic windshield makes our list of the top 5 golf cart windshield brands as an option for Club Car golf cart owners.

Featuring a luxurious design that complements the luxury design that the Club Car is famous for, this windshield features easy bolt-on installation and a clear or tinted screen, depending on your preference.

Club Car All American windshields are designed with the same high-quality construction in mind as the Club Car itself.

The Club Car All American folding acrylic model easily and efficiently guards against wind, sun, and harsh elements.

No tools are required as the Club Car All American folding acrylic windshield features an easy bolt-on installation.

Who Should Try it: This is a great model for Club Car owners looking for the luxury and customer satisfaction associated with the Club Car history.

At a price point of around $94, it’s also an excellent holiday gift idea for the Club Car owner in your life.

3. AW Fold Down Golf Cart Windshield Impact Resistant Acrylic Split Windshield-Club Car

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4/5 Stars

Coming into the ranking on our list of the top 5 brands of golf cart windshields is another option for Club Car owners, the AW Fold Down Acrylic Split golf cart windshield.This model features an impact-resistant acrylic screen that accommodates a range of Club Car golf cart models. We’re impressed by its convenient folding design and high visibility windshield.As with all of the windshield that have made our list, the AW fold down acrylic windshield features an easy and fast installation.Overall, this is a very reasonably priced option for the Club Car the features the same durability and impact resistance of higher-end models that club car owners look for.Who Should Try it: This is a great option for Club Car owners looking to fit a wider range of models at a low price point.

4.Yamaha Clear Fold Down Impact Resistant Windshield

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4/5 Stars

Next on our list is an extremely durable option from Yamaha for Yamaha G14, G16 and G19 golf carts.

Featuring a clear, impact-resistant screen, we love this model for its high visibility and convenient fold-down screen.

This model offers a relatively simple design that, as with each choice on our list, features an easy and fast installation.

Complete hardware is included the Yamaha clear fold down resistant windshield.

Who Should Try it: This is a great option to fit G16, G14, and G19 modelYamaha golf carts.

5.Tinted Club Car Precedent Folding Windshield

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4/5 Stars

Making it onto our list as another option for Club Car owners is the Tinted Club Car Precedent Folding Windshield from Buggies Unlimited.

This durable, folding windshield will accommodate Club Car Precedent golf carts from the model year 2004 and up.

The folding hinge design offers versatility and convenience, allowing for sun protection on hot summer days or extra warmth on those cold and rainy mornings.

The tinted design offers added UV protection, that can be unhinged to allow air in.

Featuring a high-quality crack and shatter resistant frame, the tinted Club Car Precedent folding windshield measures in at about 1/4” thick making this model an extremely durable option.

We’re impressed by the extremely snug fit of this model, resulting in a vibration free design that ensures a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

Who Should Try it: Club Car owners in the market for a luxurious tinted design at a mid-range price point appreciate this option.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Golf Cart Windshield

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Now that we’ve covered the top 5 windshields available, let’s discuss what you should be looking for when selecting the best windshield for your golf cart.

Shopping with a few key factors in mind will make your selection process foolproof and fun.

Portable vs Standard

A portable golf cart windshield is an extremely convenient option that is quickly installed and can be rolled away in seconds for easy storage in your golf bag.

In some cases, the ultra-sturdy construction of a standard golf cart windshield is preferable. Choose based on which best suits your personal needs and outdoor landscape.

Easy Installation

A fast, easy and tools-free installation is an important feature to consider when selecting your golf cart windshield.

All of the windshields featured on our list include a fast installation with no tools required or all hardware included with simple instructions.

While shopping, be sure to read product descriptions that specifically mention a fast and preferably tools-free installation process.

Tested for Safety and Durability

Whether you’re considering a portable or standard design, your windshield should be tested and meet the quality control standards for safety and durability, as well as protection against the elements.

Windshields produced by major manufacturers will have undergone these testing procedures, another reason that sticking with products designed specifically for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-Go golf carts are your best option.

Ensure that your windshield is OEM (Original Manufacturer Equipment). If you aren’t sure if the product is OEM, ask your retailer or customer service associate for more information.