Usually, when you picture people enjoying riding around in a golf cart, sunny days, blue skies, and beautifully manicured fields of green come to mind. However, everything is not always dry and level perfection.

Depending on the course and forecast, carts may have to be able to navigate through sand, mud, and dirt while supporting the weight of passengers and items like heavy golf club bags uphill, across bridges, and through dips.

Depending on your need, you might want tires that have some grip to them, and that can handle wet terrain, gravel, and turf. So, if you’ve bought a golf cart, it’s essential that it is equipped with the right tires that can help you drive on and through whatever you might encounter, be it challenging terrain or uncooperative weather conditions.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Ratings are based on a thorough review and comparison of customer ratings, product features and benefits, testimonials, brand reputation, and value. Products listed in this guide encompass a variety of what is available considering both budget and high-end options and functionality.

Comparison Table

Top 10 Golf Cart Tires

10" BULLDOG Black Wheels and 22x11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires -...
  • Includes: (4) Brand New 22x11-10 All Terrain Tires, (4) 10"x7" BULLDOG BLACK Aluminum wheels, (4) Black Center caps, (4)...
  • This wheel and tire combo measures 22 inches tall
  • Lift kit NEEDED for Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha Carts!

4.5/5 Stars

This Bulldog set includes four all-terrain tires that can be useful when you have to drive your cart off any paved paths. The tires come mounted on rims and filled to the correct pressure to fit any golf cart that is 4-bolt. It includes the tires, wheels, caps, and lug nuts. The wheels and tires measure 22 inches.


The tires will give your cart an aggressive sporty look with the black aluminum wheels and thick tire treads.


These tires lose half a star because at $$, they are a bit pricey and you do need a lift kit (not included) to lift your cart if you have a Yamaha, EZGo, or Club Car to change and install these tires. However, despite this, the customers who have reviewed these Bulldog wheels report being highly satisfied with their purchase.

18x8.50-8 with 8x7 White Assembly for Golf Cart and Lawn Mower (Set of...
  • Set of Four Tire and Wheel Assemblies; DOT Rated
  • Branded and Trade Marked. ONLY sold by Antego Tire & Wheel
  • Designed to carry heavy loads without damaging the turf

4.5/5 Stars

If you’re looking for tires that can carry heavy loads without destroying the turf, then you might be interested in this set of four Antego Tires. They have a maximum load capacity of 815 pounds at 10 miles per hour, so they can support the weight of passengers and equipment without losing much speed.


They are also rated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as street-safe so they can be used on the road, so if you live in a golf community, these tires are approved to drive on the street.


The set includes four tires already mounted on white rims, and customers reviews state that they fit various brands like Yamaha and Club Car. The Antego set rates high in customer satisfaction, and their price was just under $ on Amazon. They only lose half a star due to the lack of personalization of standard white rims.

10" VAMPIRE Machined/Black GOLF CART WHEELS AND 205/50-10 LOW PROFILE...
  • Includes: (4) New 205/50-10 Low Profile DOT Approved tires (4) 10"x7" Vampire Black/Machined wheels (4) SS Chrome Center...
  • This wheel and tire combo measures 18 inches in diameter
  • No lift kit needed!

4.5/5 Stars

Are you interested in making your golf cart stand out from the rest? Your golf cart will look custom made with these Vampire wheels mounted on the stainless steel chrome caps with matching chrome lug nuts.


The set of four 4-ply tires come mounted and filled to the appropriate pressure so they should be ready to go right out of the box. No lift kit is required to swap these tires on, and they can mount on any stock 4-bolt golf cart hub that measures 4x4. Customers have said they were able to install them on various EZGo and Yamaha carts easily. They are also DOT approved low-profile golf cart tires safe for driving on the road and safe for turf.


These Vampire tires get four and a half stars for being a bit expensive at $$, but that’s the price you pay if you want a golf cart that doesn’t blend in with the crowd and can tackle any terrain. Also, customers rave that they have gotten their money’s worth for a set of four tires, chrome caps, and lug nuts.

Slasher Golf 18x8.50-8 GTX OEM Golf Cart BLACK Wheels and Golf Cart...
  • Includes: (4) BLACK steel OEM replacement STI Golf Cart Wheels (4) SLASHER GTX 18x8.5-8 Golf Cart Tires
  • Fits EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha Golf Carts
  • These tires are branded SLASHER and include protective cardboard cutouts on the ends and between assemblies to help...

4.5/5 Stars

This set of 4 Slasher Golf Tires are turf safe and approved by the DOT for street driving. The tires are 18 inches in height and have a 4-ply rating, and come mounted on a black wheel. These could be a good choice for anyone who wants heavy duty tires but isn’t interested in flashy chrome. The tires come filled to the correct pressure and ready for installation.


With a load rating of 1,000 pounds, these tires can bear the weight of multiple passengers and their equipment without losing any speed. These golf cart tires don’t require a lift kit for mounting and fit all EZGo, Club Car, and Yamaha carts or other 4x4 stock golf cart hub.


With their functionality, customer satisfaction, and price of under $ for the set of 4 tires and wheels, this Slasher combo rates four and a half stars.

10" STORM TROOPER Machined/Black Wheels and 205/50-10" DOT Golf Cart...
  • Includes: (4) Brand New 205/50-10 Low Profile Tires, (4) 10"x7" STORM TROOPER Machined/ Black Aluminum Wheels, (4)...
  • This wheel and tire combo measures 18 inches in diameter (same size as stock wheel and tire combo)
  • Fits all carts stock - No lift kit needed!

4.5/5 Stars

These Storm Trooper golf cart tires come mounted on black wheels, but with contrasting chrome caps and lug nuts for tires that pop out at onlookers. These could be the right choice for drivers who want to give their carts a highly customized appearance. No lift cart is needed to mount these tires that fit all carts stock.


The low-profile tires are 18 inches in diameter when the wheel and tire are combined and are approved for use on the street by the DOT should you need that capability. Their thick tread allows you to have a smooth ride when you drive on turf, asphalt, and pavement.


Selling for $$, these tires get four and a half stars for their eye-catching looks, as well as versatile functionality. They lose half a star due to their price point, but many customers consider the total package worth it.

ARISUN All Trail 22X11-10 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires - Set of 4
  • Includes: (4) New 22x11-10 All Terrain tires (Wheels not included)
  • These tires measure 22" in diameter
  • DOT Approved All Terrain tire tread

4/5 Stars

If you’re in the market for aggressively styled tires that will lift your golf cart to new levels, you might want to check out the Arisun All Trail All Terrain Golf Cart Tires. These tires measure 22 inches in diameter but will fit on 10-inch golf cart wheels. However, they do require a 5-inch lift kit.


This Arisun tire does not come mounted on the wheel, but they are one of the only 22-inch all terrain golf cart tires approved by the DOT. The tires won’t lose traction under wet conditions and can navigate dirt, gravel, and other terrains and can support the weight of heavy loads.


At $$ for four tires without a wheel, this set is in the mid-price range. However, with the long tread life able to handle multiple terrains, and customers that are happy with their performance, the Arisun tires rate four stars.

ARISUN 205/50-10 DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires - Set of 4
  • Includes: (4) New 205/50-10 tires (Wheels not included)
  • These tires measure 18" in diameter
  • Low Profile tire tread great for the pavement and turf

4/5 Stars

Another Arisun set of golf cart tires makes the list, but these tires are less expensive than the all-terrain option. This set of four tires come in at $ on Amazon, so over a hundred dollars less than the more heavy duty all terrain kind. However, this is also for just the tire as the wheel to mount them on are not included.


These tires will fit 10-inch golf cart wheels, so if you want to keep your wheel but change the tires, you can swap them for these that are 18 inches in diameter and can bear a 600-pound load.


The Arisun low profile tires handle under wet and dry conditions, are DOT approved for use on the streets, and turf safe. If you’re interested in changing your tires for a sturdier set with thicker tread that drives well on paved roads whether it’s sunny or rainy, these four-star Arisun tires could be the right choice.

Carlisle Fairway Golf Pro Tire - 18X8.50-8
  • Golf Gliders
  • Rim not included. This part number is for the tire only.
  • Max Load Capacity at 10 MPH- 825

3.5/5 Stars

These Carlisle Fairway tires are sold individually, without the rim, and come with a two-year warranty. The 4-ply tire has run-flat capability so they will keep going should your tire be punctured while you’re driving it.


The tire’s chevron pattern should help with navigation through puddles, snow, and mud. They are to be used with rims that are 8 inches in diameter.


These Carlisle tires get three and a half stars. Customers enjoy their functionality and the price under $ listed on Amazon, but they don’t come mounted on rims.

Hi-Run LG Golf Lawn & Garden Tire -18/8.50-8
  • Featuring a Ribbed tread design for added traction, durability, and stability.
  • Heavy Duty 4 P.R. rating which helps resist punctures and increases longevity.
  • Excellent choice for utility and golf cart applications and are specifically designed for commercial, residential, and...

3.5/5 Stars

Are you looking for a basic upgrade from your stock tires to something with more traction and performance without breaking the bank? Then you might want to check out the Hi-Run LG Golf Lawn and Garden Tire.


These tires do not come mounted on the wheel, but they do have a ribbed design on their tread that adds stability to your ride and leads to a longer lasting tire.


The Hi-Run Golf tire can bear a maximum load of up to 815 pounds, is ideal for use on grass and turf, and has durable rubber that resists punctures. The tires are functional and cost less than $ each, but their use seems to be limited pavement or grass and dry weather, so the Hi-Run tires get three and a half stars.

Trac Gard N788 Bias Tire - 18X850-8
  • DOT rated pavement-type tread provides extended service time on paved surfaces
  • Multi-circumferential grooves facilitate water and dirt evaculation and enhance stability
  • Heavy duty 4 ply-rating helps extend service time and carries heavier loads

3.5/5 Stars

The Trac Gard is a good budget option for those who might have worn down the tires that originally with their golf cart or who just want a slight upgrade on traction without blowing the budget. Listed for $ each tire on Amazon, these Trac Gards don’t come with a wheel.


However, they do have a 4-ply rating for more durability and load capacity than standard golf cart tires. They are also DOT approved for use on paved surfaces which is useful for driving on asphalt trails or streets.


The grooved treading allows better handling and stability on wet surfaces and dirt terrain so you can feel more confident maneuvering your cart if rain is in the forecast. The tires also have a tread-wear indicator, so you’ll know when it’s time to replace them.


The tubeless Trac Gard tires get three and a half stars for their ability to meet basic needs and offering a little more performance for your golf cart tires. Customers love the price and their durability.

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking to buy the right golf cart tires, there are a couple of things you should probably take into consideration before finalizing your decision.

Golf cart

image source: Unsplash

  • Terrain -- Will your cart be used strictly on paved roads? If you might take your cart off road or have to drive it through sandy, marshy or muddy paths, you should factor that into your choice.
  • Weight -- Do you need tires that can handle heavier loads?
  • Warranty -- Is your investment covered by the manufacturer?
  • Need -- Do you need just the tire? Will you need rims, lug nuts, or caps? Do you prefer to buy them separately?
  • Appearance -- Are you just looking for functional tires? Or are you also interested in giving your cart a more sporty and customized look and higher or lower clearance?
  • Price -- Are you sticking to a budget? Or are you looking to splurge on your purchase?