If you’ve taken the time to research and decided to spend the money to acquire a golf cart, it stands to reason that you’ll also want to invest in getting accessories that will add to the life of your cart. One decision that could play a significant role in not only protecting your cart but also adding to your enjoyment of it, would be to get golf cart seat covers.

Since golf carts are mostly used outdoors and exposed to the elements, good golf cart seat covers will protect the seats from wear and tear, dirt, and rain. You’ll probably be getting years of use out of your golf course and will spend hours in the seats, so it could also be important to get seat covers that include comfort as well as functionality.

Depending on your needs, different factors may influence your decision about which is best for your golf cart seat covers, such as what materials the covers are made from, ease of adding on and removing, warranty options, and durability.

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Top 7 Golf Cart Seat Covers

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Neoprene Paneled Bench Seat...
  • Khaki and black cover fits most two-person golf cart bench seats
  • Gardelle fabric won't shrink or stretch
  • Fits most golf cart seats in minutes and creates a custom like fit

4.5/5 Stars

The Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Neoprene Paneled Bench Seat Cover is made of water-resistant, sturdy Gardelle fabric that covers two-person bench seats and backrests through an attachment hook system. The sturdy strap system should keep them from sliding off, as has been a complaint with some other covers.


The golf cart seat covers come in either khaki and black or navy and black color combinations and include reflective piping to make you more visible when you’re out on the course in cloudy or dark conditions.


The machine washable covers will not shrink, have a limited one-year warranty and fit most Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z Go two-person golf carts bench seats.


At under $ on Amazon, this cover gets four and a half stars. Although it is water-resistant, some customers have said it takes work with the straps to install the covers on the backrests of some carts and others found they did not fit their golf cart as well as they expected them to. However, most reviews do feel like the quality of these covers are worth it.

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Seat Blanket/Cover, Perfect Pink
  • Fits Yamaha, Club Car and E-Z-Go two-person golf cart seats with armrests
  • One YEAR limited warranty
  • Wipe-clean water-resistant heavy-duty fabric

4/5 Stars

If you’re interested in a basic no-frills cover that gets the job done, then this blanket might be the right choice. The Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Seat Blanket fits most Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z Go two-person golf carts seats with armrests and has a limited one-year warranty.


It’s just a matter of slipping the cover over your golf cart’s armrests to secure this blanket on the side of your choice, as it is reversible.


One side of the blanket is made of water-resistant fabric, which can be useful if you know that rain may be in the forecast. The other side of this golf cart seat cover is made of fleece, which you might want to use for warmth if you’re out on the course on a chilly day. You can also use it as an actual blanket on your lap.


This blanket/cover gives you the option to add some design to your seats with four different colors, including a houndstooth print. Some colors offer reflective piping which can come in handy on cloudy days or if you lose track of time during a game and end up getting caught in the dark. The cover also has its own portable storage case if you need to remove it from the seats.


It also includes a storage pocket that can be used for keys or other small items you might not want to leave out in your golf cart and only weighs one pound, so it’s not heavy to carry around.


This cover gets four stars, with the loss of star due to some customers who say it doesn’t stay put when faced with wind. At under $ on Amazon, easily added and removed, machine washable, and with a one-year warranty, it lets you focus on your game with peace of mind knowing your golf cart’s seats are protected.

Reversible Golf Cart Seat and Back Cover, Black and Taupe
  • Reversible golf cart seat and back cover, Black micro-velvet side is to keep warm and comfortable when sitting on seat
  • Taupe water-repellent side is to keep golf seat clean when not in use
  • Golf cart cover protects your golf car from sun, weather damage and dirt

4/5 Stars

Formosa has a reversible golf cart seat cover that fits most standard two passenger golf carts. You can ride in comfort and warmth using the black micro-velvet side or keep cool and dry by using the taupe water-resistant polyester side.


The cover is designed to fit over the armrests and secures on the golf cart basket using an elastic cord with a metal hook, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off while you’re in motion or if it’s a windy day.


Formosa Covers get four stars for their versatility that offers water-resistance or the comfort of micro-velvet as well as a sturdy strap system that keeps the cover in place. Listed at under $ on Amazon, most reviewers agree that it’s a good investment.

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Seat Blanket/Cover
  • Quilted top with plush fleece backing
  • Wipe-clean, water-resistant, heavy-duty fabric
  • Quickly secures over golf cart arm rests

4/5 Stars

This golf cart seat blanket is best for those who want something easy to throw on the seats and equally simple to remove when necessary. It fits most Club Car, EZGo, and Yamaha carts with armrests.


You can come back from the teeing ground to find your seat warm on chilly days by using the side with polar fleece lining. Or on hot days, you can use the water-resistant side to keep sweat off your cart seats and help them stay dry. The reinforced armrest cutouts allow you to place the blanket on the bench between the armrests.


The blanket is portable and can be folded up and stowed in its own bag that also has an outside sleeve pocket for additional storage. It also doubles as an actual blanket that can cover your lap if you prefer, is safe to clean in the washing machine, and weighs one pound.


Listed for under $ on Amazon, the Evelle Greenline Golf Cart Seat Blanket/Cover with Polar Fleece gets four stars for its multi-weather convenience. Although it doesn’t have straps to secure it to your golf cart seats like some other kinds, it does offer multiple options with its reversible layers that offer protection and warmth.

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Diamond Air Mesh Bench Seat...
  • Black covers fit most two-person golf cart bench seat
  • Comfortable seat covers protect new seats and renew the look of old seats
  • Extends the life of your seats; protects against dirt, sun damage and wear

4/5 Stars

If your golf cart is used in mostly hot, dry climates, you’ll probably want a golf cart seat cover that allows air circulation through a breathable mesh fabric and that you can throw in the washing machine to remove any sweat. Mesh prevents the heat from getting trapped on the seat, so you’re not driving around in a portable sauna. If so, the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Diamond Air Mesh Bench Seat Cover could be the right choice.


The stretchy fabric protects your golf cart seats against wear and tear, damage from prolonged sun exposure, and prevents your seat’s color from fading. It has an elastic hem that allows you to adjust the cover to fit your bench seats and is secured from falling off with a strap system.


You can customize the look of your seats and backrests by selecting from either black, khaki, or navy mesh fabrics made of polyester. Weighing in at one and a half pounds, the seat and backrest covers are very lightweight, which is attractive for those who already have to carry around a heavy bag filled with golf clubs.


This can be another good value offered by Classic Accessories at less than $ on Amazon, but these don’t appear to be water resistant, and while mesh allows air flow, it seems it might trap moisture, so it gets three and a half stars.

Cart Logic CL 12148 Cozi Cover Microfiber Golf Cart Seat Cover, Black
  • Constructed using soft, plush and durable Microfiber fabric
  • All weather comfort, moisture wicking
  • Carefully designed for a custom-fit

3.5/5 Stars

If you’re not a fan of polyester covers and are looking to cover your golf cart seat with a softer fabric, then you might want to try the Cart Logic Cozi Cover Microfiber Golf Cart Seat Cover made with microfiber. This cover comes in black and is made with moisture-wicking fabric to help keep sweat off your seats on days.


The golf seat cover attaches across bench seats for most carts with elastic and velcro straps, which prevent it from slipping off or sliding off while you’re riding around. It also comes with a pocket for storage of cell phones or other items you might be carrying on you out on the course.


Cart Logic includes a storage bag for their golf cart seat covers so you can store them when not in use and keep them safe from damage.


These covers get three and a half stars because although they can be used in various climates and offer moisture-wicking, they are a bit pricier than the competition, coming in at over $. It lacks the option of personalization as it’s only offered in one color.  The price might be worth it if it does actually fit your cart, which some customers lament was not always the case.

Nif Tee Seat Golf Cart Bench Seat Cover, Made of Soft 100% Cotton...
  • ENJOY YOUR DAY ON THE GREENS: Get back to a day of fresh air and fun at the golf club with our cool and comfortable golf...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Nif Tee Seat cover is very easy to install. In less than 60 seconds the entire bottom front bench seat...
  • PROTECTION: Don’t spend the day slipping & sliding on hot vinyl golf cart seats. The Nif Tee Seat cover has been...

3/5 Stars

For basic protection of your golf cart seats and to avoid sitting on the hot vinyl, you might want to try the Nif Tee Seat Golf Cart Bench Seat Cover. This product is just for the seat and does not come with matching backrest covers.


The cover is made from velour terry cloth, attaches with velcro, and debuted at the PGA Merchandise Show. It can help protect your seats from heat, dirt, and scratching and most customers agree that the covers stay put and don’t slide around.


With a variety of colors to choose from like pink, yellow, blue, and black, you can personalize your golf cart seats to suit your taste, and it fits all standard golf cart seats.


Available on Amazon for under $40, this cover gets three stars because they don’t offer the matching backrest that you can get from other brands that are similarly priced. Although it comes with a waterproof case and is machine washable, the velour terry cloth of the actual seat cover is not waterproof and can get caught on the velcro used to attach it to the seat. Also, some customers question the product’s claims of durability.

Buyer’s Guide

These reviews can help inform you about the prices and standards in golf cart seat covers and preferred brands. However, to decide which golf cart seat covers are the best for you, there are many factors for you to consider.

Man sitting on black and gray golf cart

Image by: Pexels

  • Climate -- Do you need a cover that offers warmth? You may need an option that is made with fleece or other warm materials.
  • Moisture -- Is your cart going to be in an area that is prone to rain? Or do you often drink in your cart? You might want to consider water-resistant fabrics.
  • Portability -- Do you want the option to add or remove the covers when you’re on the course? Your best option might be one that doesn’t involve straps and you can zip up and store.
  • Comfort -- When you’re out for a day on the course and driving long distances, you want to feel comfortable. Will polyester or velour work for you? Do you prefer microfiber?
  • Brand Reputation -- Do you feel more secure buying from a brand that offers multiple products as opposed to a newer manufacturer that is less well known?

Deciding on the importance of these elements can help you to choose the golf seat covers that will best suit your needs.