red golf carts racing on a track

You wouldn’t expect it just by looking at them, but golf carts can actually be quite powerful.

Of course, we’re not talking about the boring carts that come standard at the club and barely have enough pickup to get over the hill on the back nine. No, Sir. If you want to feel that burst of acceleration and the rush of speed in a golf cart, you’ll need to add a bit of customization first. In fact, golf cart customization has become so common that some enthusiasts have even begun racing these pint-sized vehicles.

Golf Cart Racing: Building a Powerful Cart

When you think of two golf carts facing off to see which has more motorized power, the idea might not sound immediately appealing. In fact, it may sound more like something for inebriated college students or bored retirees to engage in.

The truth is, though, an entire subculture of golf cart racing enthusiasts has slowly been growing over the years.

These mechanical aficionados use a couple of different tactics to get more zip out of their electrical carts. First, they utilize souped-up motors that are able to withstand higher voltages, thereby allowing these carts to reach much higher speeds than others.

In fact, the world record for golf cart speeds was set by Plum Quick Motors at almost 120 mph!

Second, they will typically upgrade the electronic speed controller as well. Without a properly upgraded controller, the higher draw from the motor will essentially be wasted since the controller can only handle so much. As such, a boosted motor should always be used with an electronic speed controller that matches its capacity.

What’s more, many of these carts will have a pumped-up battery as well. Without that, the motor would be trying to draw power that just simply isn’t there.

Improving the performance of these three golf cart components is the basic foundation for customizing a golf cart for racing. Beyond that, you can also install racing tires, filters, lift kits, and external design elements to cut back on wind resistance as well.

If you’re looking for help in boosting your golf cart’s power, head over to Plum Quick Motors, D&D Motor Systems, or EMP Motors. These companies are all particularly well-versed in the equipment and mechanics needed to add as much power to your cart as it can handle.

The Main Event

When it comes down to competition time, most golf cart racing takes place in drag race style. This type of racing consists of two vehicles facing off in a one-on-one straight lane sprint to the finish line.

Not every racing arena is outfitted for this type of race, so be on the lookout for ones that feature drag racing if you’re interested in seeing golf cart racing. While many races take place between two golf carts, there have been a number of upsets from super-powered golf carts beating out such high horsepower vehicles like Corvettes. When you see a golf cart show up a muscle car, you know the fans will especially love it.

The Surprising Fun of Golf Cart Racing

Therein lies the appeal for these types of races – while a golf cart might at first seem like a paltry and weak vehicle, these powered-up carts can pack a surprising punch after all.

With enthusiasts popping up all over the country, golf cart racing is quickly becoming more than just an amusing trend.