Golf carts are like any other land vehicle since they have to fulfill many of the same functions and needs in order for the drivers and passengers to always feel comfortable and secure during a trip, however long or short.

Integral things such as breaks, seatbelts, and many others should be present and reliable.

Out of all of these, one of these things is often overlooked, but nevertheless equally important when looking at the reliability of golf carts: golf cart mirrors; to have a rear and/or side view while traversing anywhere from the golf course during a game to the city streets on a grocery run.

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The modern golf cart, regardless of whether they are a primarily electric or gas-powered model, have had nearly an astounding century of history. Initially, they were merely electric conveyances that were created to assist those suffering from a disability or from advanced age. Would you believe this idea and execution goes all the way back to 1932?

However, a lot has changed since then; despite having started out as an electrical aid for the unfortunately handicapped, it has now been adopted for mass market use, particularly in the realm of golf enthusiasts.

But much like driving a car or other motor vehicle, managing a golf cart correctly follows pretty much the same norms, which also include awareness of one’s environment.

And after all, all it takes is a single mistake or unforeseen accident to ruin one’s day. 

Having a golf cart mirror correctly installed, regardless of whether it is for rear or side views, offers great help in minimizing such cases of accidents, whether for the driver’s, the passengers’, or the innocent bystanders’ safety.

Backing up that cart shouldn’t involve injuring a passerby or result of the occupants falling into a ditch or sand trap or something even worse. Peripheral and rear vision can be a lifesaver in such situations.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Making sure you get the best golf cart mirror you can is very important to us, and we pride ourselves on our accuracy and honesty.

Our ratings are based on a variety of factors, from testimonials and reviews from customers, product data, professional critique and brand reputation. These all come together to give you the best possible idea of what product suits you the best.

The 10 Best Golf Cart Mirrors Available on the Market

Scroll down and take a gander at the list that we have put together below, that follows all of the debatably top-notch golf cart mirrors in the market for.

1. Big Buddy Team Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

5/5 Stars

A no-frills rearview mirror for your golf cart, the Big Buddy Team Golf Cart Rear View Mirror is straight forward with what it does, which is provide a clear view of the cart’s back area as you drive.

The Big Buddy Team Golf Cart Rear View Mirror is simple to mount with its flat bracket and adjustable, self-drilling screws.

Take note to tighten the screws just enough, especially if mounting the Big Buddy Team Golf Cart Rear View Mirror on a plastic canopy with some golf cart models, as doing it too far may punch a hole through it.

2. Cipa 01140 Golf Cart Side Mount Mirror

CIPA 01140 UTV Utility Vehicle 4.625 x 7.75 Inch Adjustable Side...
  • Steel clamp for maximum strength and durability
  • Mirror folds back upon impact to keep the mirror from breaking
  • Ball and socket joint provides broad range of viewing angles

5/5 Stars

Cipa is a staple brand when it comes to automobile accessories and the Cipa 01140 Golf Cart Side Mount Mirror continues the company’s reputation for quality.

This model can be mounted on most golf carts’ front harness using the 1-inch steel clamp. Once mounted, it can swivel in different directions for optimal view as you transport yourself and your gear on the golf cart.

The Cipa 01140 Golf Cart Side Mount Mirror features high impact ABS plastic and the convex glass is supposedly shatter-proof. 

3. RecPro Universal Rear View Mirror

4/5 Stars

The RecPro Universal Rear View Mirror enters this list of great golf cart mirrors with this reliable accessory. It fits most golf cart models with its cast metal bracket and mounting hardware included.

Once installed, the mirror swivels effectively without losing its balance. With an 8 inch width and 2.5 inch height, the RecPro Universal Rear View Mirror casts ample reflection for its size.

4. Moveland Golf Cart 5-Panel Mirror

moveland 5 Panel Golf Cart Mirror, Golf Cart Rear View Mirror to...
  • By providing that extra angle to cover most of your blind spots.
  • Panoramic view makes driving safer.
  • Product comes with installation instructions to make installation easier.

4/5 Stars

Sporting an interesting multi-panel design, Moveland’s Golf Cart 5-Panel Rear view Mirror provides angles of view that a single panel mirror would not be able to cover.

The panoramic-esque,160 degree view the Moveland Golf Cart 5-Panel Mirror certainly helps the driver see more for practicality and safety. This is great when changing lanes or backing up without the inconvenience of limited peripheral vision.

Understandably, this golf cart mirror is slightly heavier than its siblings. Installation is also a slight concern, as there are more areas that need to be properly secured to avoid the 5-panel Mirror from swinging. 

5. Allstar Performance Four Panel Rearview Mirror

Allstar ALL76404 27-3/4" x 2-3/8" Race Style 4-Panel Tinted Rear View...
  • Panel design increases visibility and reduces blind spots
  • Easily adjusts to preferred angle
  • Suitable for many types of motorsports, golf carts, ATV's and more

4/5 Stars

From a company called Allstart, you can surmise you’re going to get a great accessory with the Allstar Performance Four Panel Rearview Mirror.

While some other brands and models feature 5 panels, this four panel entry in the best golf cart mirrors available has a wide 27.75 inch by 2.375 inch size, but fits snugly once properly installed.

Sporting an ABS plastic frame, the Allstar Performance Four Panel Rearview Mirror retains stability while providing good coverage view of the golf cart posterior. 

6. RecPro Universal Side View Mirrors

5/5 Stars

The side view mirror package from RecPro is another great example of this brand’s reputation and reliability.

The RecPro Universal Side View Mirrors can be easily installed for any golf cart model with the included stainless-steel mounting hardware.

The side view mirrors are very adjustable and the 6-7/8 inch by 5 -1/4 inch area ensures you can have ample view of the reflections. Best of all, the RecPro Universal Side View Mirrors come in pairs out of the box. 

7. Big Buddy Team 3 Piece Golf Cart Rear View AND Side View Mirror Kit

9.99WORLD MALL Universal Golf Cart Side Mirrors for Club Car EZ-GO...
  • Fit:Golf cart Side Mirrors for Club Car EZ-GO Yamaha and Others
  • Product Include: pair (2) folding side view mirrors in box, 2 bolt universal mount, 5.5"X 7" Fold in fully adjustable
  • High Quality: the high impact plastic construction of the housing resists damage for years to come.

4/5 Stars

The Big Buddy 3 Piece Golf Cart Rear View AND Side View Mirror Kit puts a lot of other available golf cart mirrors to shame with a 3-piece package in one. This package kit comes with a rearview mirror and 2 side view mirrors together.

The side view mirrors measure 4.5 inch by 8 inches while the reverse measurement is sported on the rearview mirror included in the kit.

The Big Buddy 3 Piece Golf Cart Rear View AND Side View Mirror Kit is supplied with bolts and hardware to properly install them to your golf cart of choice. 

8. Fat Cat 16 inch Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror

16.5" Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror for Golf Carts Such As Ez...
  • 16" Extra Wide Panoramic Golf Cart Rear view Mirror
  • 2.75" x 16" mirror face
  • Curved to see everything behind you; 150 degrees behind you.

5/5 Stars

Offering a 16 inch wide reflective area, the Fat Cat 16 inch Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror provides that extra bit of coverage for your golf cart’s rear view.

The Fat Cat 16 inch Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror is curved properly to minimize distortion while offering a crisp 150 degree rear view without relying on multiple panels, which can be too restricting for some people.

The bracket plate is easy to install and sturdy once placed.

9. Club Car DS 4-panel Mirror Kit

5 panel Mirror Universal Fit
  • Super Easy Install
  • Excellent Veiwing Area
  • Great Quality

4/5 Stars

The Club Car DS 4-panel Mirror Kit features 7 inch by 2 inch mirrors on each of its 4 panels, creating a wide vista for your golf cart driving needs.

This is great for those who really want to be on the safe side when it comes to backing up and maneuvering their golf carts. The Club Car DS 4-panel Mirror Kit comes complete with instructions and hardware tools to properly install on most golf cart models, though it does state it is best suited for Club Car models 2000.5 and higher.

10. RHOX LED Side Mount Universal Mirrors

Rhox Golf Cart LED Side Mirror Set
  • Side mount universal mirrors provides a safe view of what's behind you whether you're on the road, course or trail.
  • Hidden LED marker light on mirror and LED indicator on back of mirror for oncoming traffic.
  • Adjustable - Easily mounts to front top struts with included hardware and installation instructions.

4/5 Stars

RedHawk has, perhaps, the best golf cart mirror available for one simple fact: it has LED. This might seem trivial, but that additional feature means you can use the RHOX LED Side Mount Universal Mirrors at night!

Golf Cart Mirrors: Buying Guide

When shopping for golf cart mirrors, you should make sure to have a checklist handy so that you can get the most, if not all, of the specifications you’re looking for. A general breakdown of this checklist might resemble something like this:

Golf Cart Price: How Much To Spend

Let’s start off with the obvious. The price you pay for any kind of item is an important consideration, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

While cheaper does not mean items are unreliable, products with a greater price usually have a better build quality – although higher prices do not guarantee quality all of the time either.

Look between all of the options available and pick the right golf cart mirror that you’re comfortable shelling out for.

Quality: How Is It Built

side mirror

Image via Pixabay

How good does it look? What materials were used to make these mirrors? Having choices with the quality and customization should be a factor with getting the right mirrors for your golf cart.

A very important aspect of this is how universally functional and mountable the mirror is. Ideally, it should fit on most of the common golf cart models from companies such as Club Car, Cushman, EZ-GO, and Yamaha, for instance.

Brand: What is the Reputation

This is a peripheral consideration related to the previous two, but this is not just about having a personal preference.

A reputable brand can be a deal-breaker for some. Many people will only purchase an item if it has a name on that they recognize. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can also be the reason for missing out on fantastic value.

Which Golf Cart Mirror Tickles Your Fancy?

As accessories for golf carts go, the side and rearview mirrors should be up to your specifications while being a great value for your money. Choose the right one that meets form and function. Remember - It’s for your convenience and safety.

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