So, you’ve finally invested in a golf cart. You’re probably extremely excited to get your cart on the road, but first you’re looking at some accessories to customize the cart. And you should totally do this. After all, it’s your cart – it should have your signature on it. But which accessories should you get?

One accessory that’s been gaining in popularity over the past few years is the golf cart lift kit. Some people swear that this is the best investment they’ve made for their cart. But is it for you?

What Is a Golf Cart Lift Kit & Is It a Good Investment?

First off, let’s look at what a golf cart lift kit is exactly. A lift kit allows you to lift the cart off the ground even more than it already is. It also allows you to accessorize your cart with bigger tires. The benefits of doing this are many.

  • You can lift your cart solely for aesthetic reasons. If you want your cart to look like a hefty monster truck, utilize a lift kit and put on some massive tires.
  • A lift and bigger tires also allow you to go more places. Since there is more room under your cart, you can drive along various terrains. You don’t have to worry about rocks, water, high spots in the road, or brush. With a lift, you can simply drive over it.
  • A golf cart that is higher and that has thicker, bigger tires is actually a more secure ride. It sits more evenly on the ground and there’s a lot more stability. That means that your golf cart, while looking totally cool, is safer than ever.

If you plan on driving your cart around on even surfaces all the time, a lift might not be a necessary investment. But if you like the way a lift makes the golf cart look, or if you want the opportunity to drive on whatever terrain you feel like, a golf cart lift kit is a good investment.

red slightly lifted golf cart

4 Types of Lift Kits to Consider

There are four main types of golf cart kits to consider.

1. A-Arm Lift Kits

This kit replaces most, if not all, of your carts suspension system. That means you get a smoother ride. Plus, they’re easy to install.

2. Drop Spindle Lift Kits

These are generally the most popular kits. They’re completely affordable and extremely easy to install. These lifts replace and/or increase the size of your spindles. This makes the cart have an increased width that accounts for better stability and safety. This is the ideal kit for those people who want to make their golf cart look like a monster truck. The spindle lifts allow for much bigger tires to be used.

3. Block Lift Kits

These kits are economical and easy to install. Plus, they give your cart four inches of lift. You put this type of lift under your stock suspension. The downside of these lifts is that they won’t allow you to lift your cart higher than four inches, and they aren’t as flexible as the other kits.

4. Drop Axel Lift Kits

This type of kit replaces the standard front axel with a drop-designed axel. The benefit of this kit is that you don’t have to replace the standard spindles on your cart. This type of kit is often more affordable than drop spindle lift kits but there’s more time involved in installing it.

A Golf Cart Lift Kit Is the Ultimate Golf Cart Accessory

If you want an awesome looking cart with a stable, more comfortable ride, a golf cart lift kit is a great investment