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One important fact you always want to know before buying a golf cart is if it will fit in the garage for storage. Without your golf cart dimensions, you won’t have the information you must have to buy the right size trailer for it unless you plan on driving it everywhere!

Other uses for the dimensions make knowing them necessary, like fitting a new enclosure, or loading your golf cart onto the back of a pickup truck which we’ll discuss here.

What Are Golf Cart Dimensions?

While golf cart dimensions vary, they depend on the model and the options on the cart. Golf cart dimensions keep within known averages. A standard golf cart measures about four feet wide and eight feet long and stands approximately six feet high with an average weight of 900-1000 lbs.

Standard carts measure about eight feet long, but models with a back seat increase the length to approximately eight and a half feet, and a six-seater to a limousine length of 12 feet, and keep the width at the average of four feet.

Is There a Need to Know Golf Cart Dimensions?

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For a hassle-free ownership experience with your golf cart, knowing its dimensions prevents a mistake later if you buy an enclosure that doesn’t fit. It could be an expensive lesson in preparation!

Enclosures keep you safe and dry and allow leisurely trips to the beach or fun outings where driving a car seems so “last year.” Seriously, enclosures transform a standard cart into a very useful means of transportation for short distances.

Millions of people use them for getting around their neighborhoods or parks, and they’re convenient, cheap to operate, and quiet. There was a day when golf carts were limited to golf courses, but now, thanks to creative and independent thinkers, more people find other uses for them.

What Do I Need to Know About Transporting My Golf Cart?

Under normal circumstances, a standard golf cart fits onto a 5′ x 10′ trailer with room to spare. The trailer isn’t hard to maneuver with the cart secured, but always check the condition of the wheel bearings before subjecting the trailer to heavy use, such as long trips.

If you’re planning to transport your golf cart on the bed of a pickup truck, make sure you know the full weight of your cart and the weight limits of the truck, especially the bed. A standard golf cart should be fine to transport, but always double-check for safety reasons.

There was a day when golf carts were limited to golf courses, but now, thanks to creative and independent thinkers, more people find other uses for them.

Before attempting to load the cart onto the truck, confirm the dimensions of the bed and the golf cart so there’s no question about having enough space to fit the cart and enough space for it to move slightly during transport.

Speaking of safety, use ramps with a load capacity of at least 1500 lbs, and use adequate tie-downs to secure the cart to prevent it from sliding. Make sure it’s very secure, because you can’t take a chance on your cart shifting while you’re moving.


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Golf cart design and durability have evolved over many years, and today’s designs include gas-powered engines or electric-powered units, depending on your needs and preferences. Options include enclosures and additional seating with larger storage space for family outings, and units designed for heavy work where other means isn’t suitable.

All carts require transport at some point, which requires your full understanding of the golf cart’s dimensions before loading it onto a trailer or truck to ensure a safe and secure trip. For reference, many people keep a spec sheet inside the cart with all the dimensions, including the weight and size of the tires, and the name and phone number of the servicing dealer.