Sometimes you want to add some personality and flare to your ride.

A golf cart is easy to accessorize, and a pimped golf cart is a growing trend on the green.

To get that luxury look, there are certain accessories to add to your cart to take it from “vanilla” to extraordinary.

Advanced Laser-Precision Range Finder

A range finder is the ideal tool for any golfer, but a must-have for the pimped-out golf cart.

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It helps you improve your game and with a top-of-the-line laser-precise range finder and holder attached to your cart, you always know where to aim.

Wheel Covers and Hub Caps

Give a chrome finish to your otherwise dull-looking cart wheels by adding wheel covers and hubcaps. Most come in one-size-fits-all units that you quickly snap over the wheel for a unique finish.

Choose from chrome, jet black, or another unique color combination to add personality to your cart.

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Golf Cart LED Lighting

LED lights help you see during those early morning games, but also let you add pops of color and make your cart stand out in the crowd.

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Also, if you drive your cart in the community, you want LED lights to increase visibility for cars sharing the road with you.

Golf Gear Organizer

Keep all your golfing gear and accessories in check, including your bags, balls, blankets, hats, and even your on-the-green drinks organized.

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Golf gear organizers affix to the rear of your cart and come in sizes capable of holding two to four golf bags and accessories.

Decals and Custom Paint Colors

Add your special touch by repainting your standard cream golf cart with any color combination you like. Just avoid green – unless you like to blend with the scenery. For golf carts you take out hunting, go with a camouflage theme.

Decals are a more affordable option if you don’t want to repaint the entire unit. Plus, a decal can be removed, which might make it easier to sell your golf cart later or if your preferences change.

Decals can include your initials, club information, or even your accomplishments on the green.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Accents

Pimp up the gold factor by adding silver, bronze, or gold accents to your golf cart. Whether you add gold steering wheels and controls or upgrade your bumpers to chrome, these add the necessary bling to take your cart to the top.

Upgrade the Insides

No one sees the insides of your golf cart, but a pimped-out golf cart is useless when it performs poorly or features stock components. Upgrade everything from the tires to your suspension, engine, and even your voltage. Maximize the horsepower, increase the smoothness of your ride, and have the most powerful cart in the community.

Change out the Seats

Stock seats are hard, cold, and uncomfortable for long rides. Upgrade to luxury padding and contoured seats for better support. If you have a back problem, add lumbar features so that you do not have to worry about a stiff back interfering with your game.

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Custom Body Kits

ball washer attached to golf cartA custom body kit is an ultimate way to make your golf cart stand out. These ground effects and extra features give your unit dimension, and you can use custom body kits to make your golf cart look like a classic Rolls or even a Harley Davidson.

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Ball and Club Washers

While you are out on the green, the last thing you need to worry about is finding a club washer or ball washer. Instead, integrate one into your pimped golf cart for maximum convenience.