Gas vs. electric – we hear it all the time with regards to cars, but this is a discussion that also pertains to other types of vehicles, including golf carts. When getting ready to purchase a golf cart, you need to decide: gas vs. electric golf cart? Which one is going to be the best fit for your needs? Choosing the best golf cart is not as simple as it seems. After reading this article, hopefully, the choice will be easier for you.

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Why Some Owners Love Their Gas Golf Carts

Gas golf carts came onto the scene first, back in the early 1900s. They’ve been popular ever since. These are the best choice for people who want some get-up-and-go with their golf cart. It doesn’t take long before this cart is up and running at its max speed. That extra power from the gasoline engine means it can easily take on the hills that some golf courses are famous for.

Gas-powered golf carts are also popular because they can go longer than an electric cart. When you compare how long a cart can run on one tank of gas compared to one electric charge, the gas cart wins hands down.

Another thing to take into consideration is the power. When an electric golf cart starts to run out of power, it starts to slow down. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit that gas pedal, you’re not going to get where you need to be any faster.

Those who like to build their own carts tend to choose gas golf carts more often because they’re easier to build. If you are considering a DIY golf cart project, you might want to choose a gas cart.

Electric Golf Carts: The Quiet, Clean Option

You might be surprised to learn that the first electric golf cart was made in the early 1930s. It seems like such a modern (even futuristic) idea that it’s hard to believe they’ve been around for that long. So why haven’t they taken off like the gas golf cart?

The main reason: people are more used to a gas golf cart. It is used and seen more often around the golf course. Another reason could very well be that electric golf carts don’t have the same power as gas ones, which doesn’t make them the first choice for hilly golf courses.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider getting an electric cart. These carts are great for driving on the road. They can get up to the same speeds as gas carts, though not as quickly. One of the best features of the electric cart is the silence. These carts are so quiet you often don’t even realize they’re running. So, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, this might be the right choice for you.

Another benefit of electric golf carts is that they’re environmentally friendly. These carts produce no emissions. This means they’re great for the environment and for your health.

Still another benefit of this type of cart is that they’re often the cheapest option. The upfront cost tends to be lower, as do the maintenance costs.

Gas vs. Electric Golf Cart: Pros and Cons

One of the big decisions you’ll have to make when shopping for a golf cart is whether to choose a gas-powered model or an electric powered one. It is hard to tell the difference between the two based on appearance alone. But if you examine the characteristics of each one more closely, you will see that the gas golf cart and electric golf cart both have their share of pros and cons.  

Gas Golf Carts


  • Range before filling fuel tank: up to 200 miles
  • Perform better in hilly environments
  • Simple maintenance
  • Holds value better than electric cart


  • Produces emissions
  • Noisier than an electric model
  • Requires annual tune-ups
  • Requires manual choking in cold weather

Electric Golf Carts


  • No need to purchase gas
  • Silent operation
  • Smooth driving at any speed
  • Runs normally when cold
  • No exhaust pollution


  • A limited range between recharging (12 miles more or less)
  • Requires checking and maintenance of battery water
  • Need to ensure battery terminals are free from corrosion
  • Requires purchase of new batteries (every 2 to 6 years)
  • May not perform well with steep hills or heavy load


So, gas vs. electric golf cart: which one is better? Ultimately, the best way to decide between the two is to figure out what you need. Will you be driving on the road a lot? Will you be driving the cart on a golf course with lots of hills?

A gas-powered cart is more powerful, ideal for steep hills and inclines, but produces emissions. On the other hand, an electric powered cart is quieter and more environment-friendly. However, its power and range are less compared to its gas counterpart. Both gas and electric golf carts are good options; it really just depends on your personal needs and preference.