You don’t have to worry about its small and compact nature, the golf cart’s capabilities will surprise you. This is why it is used in the hospitality industry, on movie sets and yes, on the traditional golf courses.

EZGO golf carts provide a bit more resourcefulness than you would generally have, on those carts specifically made for golf course use.

They are built to serve many purposes.

It is also great that they are a perfect size, to get through tight spots and spaces. Whether it is traversing over rough turf, zipping across luxury resorts, EZGO carts have a lot to offer.

In addition, they are customizable. You can include whatever features you desire.

There is a lot more to learn about the company, the brand and the EZGO Refresher Oasis golf cart.

Who Manufacturers EZGO Golf Carts?

Textron Inc.

Textron Inc

The parent company of EZGO is none other than Textron Inc.

They are a $14.2 billion dollar company holding the 228th spot on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies. In the business world, they are a dominant market leader.

Though EZGO started in 1923, they incorporated with Textron in 1960, which has its headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island. But this mega-conglomerate has other offices and subsidiaries in over 25 countries.

“E-Z-GO vehicles are now designed and built by Textron Specialized Vehicles, a division of Textron that also manufactures Cushman commercial and industrial utility vehicles, Textron Off Road recreational side-by-side UTVs, and Textron Ground Support Equipment,” as stated by E-Z-GO.

They are adequately supported by over 35,000 employees from all over the world.

The brand has morphed, transcended and grown beyond what it was 50 years ago. And, that is due to world-class enterprise processes and talented people. They work hard in making a positive impact in different industries and directly on people’s lives – or how they are used to doing things on the job.

As such, they developed and created many powerful brands and products based on a variety of business models.

Textron group of companies include Bell Helicopter, Kautex, Beechcraft, E-Z-GO, Lycoming, Textron Systems, Cessna and Hawker.

According to Textron, over the last fifty or more years they have “been the source of ground-breaking technologies and numerous industry-firsts. Many major steps in the evolution of aircraft, rotorcraft, armored vehicles, electrical vehicles and automotive systems have emerged from our product development labs.”

Cushman And EZGO Golf Carts



Fulfilling purpose is what the company aims to do. That is why they supply so many different golfncarts under the Cushman, and EZGO brand.

So whatever your need, check out the available options under their fleet, turf maintenance, hospitality and food & beverage vehicle types.

Add A Bit Of Technology

Intellibrake Technology Systems

Intellibrake Technology Systems

EZGO and Cushman are also on trend in technology. You may note that quite a few of their automobiles comes with the Intellibrake technology systems.

E-Z-GO boasts that this patented system has two revolutionary technologies.

These include “a motor brake that slows the vehicle when traveling up or down steep grades and an automatically applied parking brake. The motor brake automatically engages when you are driving to slow the vehicle on hills and the parking brake automatically activates whenever the vehicle isstopped,  so your golfers no longer have to set and release a brake.”

You may find that it is not like other mechanical brakes. There is no energy wasted by generating friction and heat.

Full-time regenerative braking is employed in these systems. In addition, the motor limits the power usually utilized to brake the golf carts. Instead, that energy is used to recharge the batteries.

Get Support From Techforce™ Assistance Team

EZGO takes maintenance seriously. They have a dedicated team of professionals who are aptly trained to tackle any vehicle problems you might have in the future.

The team is devoted to making you, their customer happy and saving you on the hassle of getting issues looked at.

It is EZGO’s number one priority that they offer great customer service and satisfaction.

These service professionals from Techforce™ have experience, extensive knowledge and advanced training. They are equipped to tackle any EZGO golf cart problems.

In addition, they make up the largest nationwide network of experienced technicians. They are also factory trained to preserve and service vehicles. And they also have an industry-leading response time.

EZGO Food And Beverage Carts

EZGo has a number of different vehicle styles for their golf carts. They are built to serve different purposes. One of those categories is the food and beverage carts.

There are three specific styles in this category. These include:

You will find that these golf carts are quite dynamic and multifaceted. Whether you are a golfer, golf fan or service professional, you can admire what these vehicles have to offer.

General vehicle specification includes:

  • 21.1-cu-ft of Merchandising
  • 4 Cold Storage Drawers
  • 11.1-cu-ft Drawer Capacity
  • 13-sq-ft Work Space
  • 13-hp Gas Engine

According to Cushman, these vehicles are “the ultimate crowd pleaser for golfers and golf professionals alike. That’s because it provides an unprecedented combination of storage and flexibility, allowing you to elevate expectations on and off the course,”.

Gas And Electric EZGO Refresher OasisGolf Carts

As one of the EZGO golf carts, you will find that it is quite trendy and comes with technologically advanced features. You have the option of choosing either a gas-powered vehicle or a cleaner more efficient electric powered golf cart.

This nifty little vehicle continues to push the limit, in terms of what it can accomplish. For example, it has an industry-leading 500-can capacity. Users of this automobile, do not have to waste time constantly restocking products I the carriage areas.

That directly impacts revenue growth potential in a positive way.

The Cushman® Refresher® Oasis™ has a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain, which is the only of its kind in the industry. That means silent performance, power and unmatched energy efficiency.

When you are contending with those lengthy summer runs, from June to September, you will appreciate these features on these types of EZGO golf carts.

Refresher Oasis – 13.5 HP Petrol

This is quite the resourceful golf cart. It can be considered efficiently built, fashionable and smart.

The Refresher Oasis has extra power backed by its air-cooled gasoline engine, which has a 13.5 HP single cylinder and powerful 7 HP AC motor.

Features on the EZGO Refresher Oasis – 13.5 HP Petrol includes:

  • Steel DuraShield Epoxy Coated Chassis
  • Headlights, Tail & Brake Lights
  • Kawasaki 13hp Single Cylinder Engine
  • 4 locking lids in a white countertop with hold open brackets
  • Comfort Grip Steering Wheel
  • K 500 20x 8- 10 (6 Ply) Wheels
  • Horn and Reverse Beeper
  • 12-Volt Outlet
  • Fender Flares
  • Hour Meter
  • Low Fuel/Oil Gauge
  • Body Finish Injection Moulded TPO
  • Consumable Ice Bin with Lid
  • 3.0 Liter Airpots (2)
  • 2 plastic removable bins ( 1 blue, 1 green)
  • Beverage tank with built-in dividers
  • Side Mirrors (left and right)
  • Struts and Slate Canopy
  • Solid Windshield with Frame
  • Storage with lid and hold open bracket
  • Drain valve; Extended countertop at the rear of the deckwith trash /recycle

All these features are necessary for helping you safely navigate any course. You can carry and secure product. You can also tuck away trash and separate them for recycling purposes. You can also trust that you will have sufficient work or serving space.

Keeping the drinks or water cool is no problem because there is a compartment for storing ice separately.

Side mirrors, flares and horns will help to protect both you and others crossing your path. Whether you use these EZGO golf carts in the day or night, transportation will be done safely and securely.

And you will save on gas both in the short and long-term, with help from its low fuel and oil gauge.

There is always more to gain from the EZGO Refresher Oasis – 13.5 HP Petrol golf cart.

Refresher Oasis – 72v AC Electric

If you want to be refreshed when playing those long games, you can depend on finding a cool beverage in the aluminum beverage storage unit.

Features on the EZGO Refresher Oasis – 72v AC Electric includes:

  • Hour Meter
  • Fender Flares
  • 9 x 8V Trojan T875 Deep Cycle Lead AcidBatteries
  • State of Charge Meter
  • 72V Delta Q 900 Watt On-board Charger
  • AC Motor
  • Limited Slip Differential with Diff Guard
  • Headlights, Tail & Brake Lights
  • Steel DuraShield Epoxy Coated Chassis
  • Body Finish Injection Moulded TPO
  • 12-Volt Outlet
  • Horn and Reverse Beeper
  • 2 plastic removable bins ( 1 blue, 1 green)
  • Consumable Ice Bin with Lid
  • K 500 20x 8- 10 (6 Ply) Wheels
  • Comfort Grip Steering Wheel
  • Solid Windshield with Frame
  • 4 locking lids in a white countertop with hold open brackets
  • 3.0 Liter Airpots(2)
  • Drain valve; Extended countertop at rear of deckwith trash /recycle storage with lid and hold openbracket
  • Beverage tank with built-in dividers
  • Side Mirrors (left and right)
  • Struts and Slate Canopy

As with many of these vehicles, you can request modifications and added features. This includes changing the color of the vehicle, unit or canopy. In addition, you can also have an all-weatherenclosure for the cab.

This will protect you in the harshest weather elements. And don’t forget to add an electric food warmer.

With all the requirements in place to do more in protecting the environment, this EZGO Refresher Oasis – 72v AC Electric golf cart will give you a leg up in achieving this objective. You will not only appreciate the features to help you recycle. But, the features that support its electric power are quite handy as well.

The AC motor, 72V Delta Q 900 watt on-board charger, 9 x 8V Trojan T875 deep cycle lead acid batteriesand state of charge meter are what make the difference.

You can ride in style, zip across the green and not worry about your impact on mother nature and her offspring.

Save Time, Effort And Money When You Chose EZGO Golf Carts

Custom EZGo

If you are running a sizable country club or golf club, then you want these vehicles in your fleet.

Patrons can spend a long time on the course because they know you will anticipate their needs. And you would be able to meet those needs adequately with the EZGO Refresher Oasis.

Upkeep would not be an issue either, the Techforce™ assistance team will come where you are to keep your automobiles running in tiptop shape. Their expertise and service are invaluable.

In addition, you have the option of electric and gas powered vehicles.

Choose one that works best for you and your business.