Golf carts are small and compact. They are so efficient for when you want to traverse a large expense of golf course quickly. You can maneuver into small spaces and it is convenient for other purposes too.

Golf carts are not only for golf courses. Have you ever been on a movie production site? Or at one of those huge luxury resorts?

They use them at these huge lots to get around.

If you have a need for a golf cart then consider EZGO golf carts. They come with a myriad of features and can suit your needs. Continue reading as we review the EZGO Hauler Pro golf cart.

Learn More About EZGO And Textron

      EZGO And Textron

Textron Inc

According to E-Z-GO,they incorporated with “Textron in 1960. E-Z-GO vehicles are now designed and built by Textron Specialized Vehicles, a division of Textron that also manufactures Cushman commercial and industrial utility vehicles, Textron Off Road recreational side-by-side UTVs, and Textron Ground Support Equipment.”

With $14.2 billion in total revenues, Textron Inc. is adominant market leader in the business world. They were actually apart of the FORTUNE 500 list of largest U.S. companies. They are ranked 228th.

Their main office is located in Providence, Rhode Island,U.S.A. but they have other offices and subsidiaries in over 25 countries.

Since 1923, the company has continually grown, restructured and acquired other brands. This led them to have in the region of 35,000 employees presently.

They have worked and developed a variety of business models,which have seen them launching many powerful brands. With talented and people world-class enterprise processes, Textron spans many industries.

Under their umbrella of companies, you will find Textron Systems, E-Z-GO, Lycoming, Kautex, Hawker, Beech craft, Cessna and Bell Helicopter.

According to Textron, “the company leverages its global network of aircraft, defense, industrial and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative products and services.”

They rely heavily on their devoted employees, and talented workforce to be an industry leader.

“Throughout its history, Textron has been the source of ground-breaking technologies and numerous industry-firsts. Many major steps in the evolution of aircraft, rotor craft, armored vehicles, electrical vehicles and automotive systems have emerged from our product development labs.”

They intend to continue forging ahead into the future and aims to satisfy their customers.

“Textron’s success is born from the contributions of each person, and we seek diverse individuals who bring rich experience, skill,talent and perspective to our team.”

Golf Carts Manufactured By Textron

Textron Golf Carts

Golf Carts Manufactured by Textron

As mentioned, the Textron brand has other brands apart fromEZGO. This includes Cushman. It is important to also note that you may find some of the golf carts on Cushman’s website, and other’s on EZGO’s website.

EZGo has several types of golf carts. They include those made for:

  • Fleet
  • Food & Beverage
  • Turf Maintenance
  • Hospitality

1. Fleet Model Golf Carts

Freedom RXV

These models include the RXV, TXT, Freedom RXV, Freedom TXT and the ELiTE Lithium Vehicles. Drivers have a choice of gas or electric powered vehicles.And you can have it in almost any color you desire.

Other features may include zero maintenance lithium batteries, faster charge times, 48-volt AC drive train, patented Intelli Brake™technology, independent front suspension, 13.5 HP gas engine and limited slip differential.

2. Food & Beverage Golf Carts

Refresher FS4

These type of golf carts include the Refresher FS4,Refresher Oasis and Refresher Drop-In.

Some features on these models include:

  • 13-sq-ft Work Space
  • 11.1-cu-ft Drawer Capacity
  • 4 Cold Storage Drawers
  • 21.1-cu-ft of Merchandising
  • 13-hp Gas Engine

The Refresher FS4 is the ultimate crowd pleaser for golfers and golf professionals alike. That’s because it provides an unprecedented combination of storage and flexibility, allowing you to elevate expectations on and off the course,” according to Cushman.

They are made to have the innovative FlexServe™ technology to create more revenue and change your merchandising strategy.

3. Turf Maintenance Golf Carts

EZGO Hauler 1200x

There are quite a few models, which fall under the category of golf carts built for turf maintenance. These include:

  • EZGO Hauler PRO – this cart is great for environmentally considerate drivers and it can haul loads of up to 1500 lbs, without any noise.
  • EZGO Hauler PRO-x – an improvement on its predecessor and it is more mileage for your buck.
  • EZGO Hauler 1200 – comes with unyielding functionality.
  • EZGO Hauler 1200x – it can take on almost any obstacles.
  • EZGO Hauler 800 – it gives you the help you need when you need it.
  • EZGO Hauler 800x – nothing is too hard for this golf cart.
  • EZGO Truckster XD – you will see greater productivity because it is a step above the rest.
  • EZGO Spraytek XP – get more done with control and precision.

4. Hospitality Golf Carts

Shuttle 8

Vehicles in this category include the Shuttle 2, Shuttle 4,Shuttle 6, And Shuttle 8 EZGO golf carts. These carts are manufactured comprehensively for added convenience and comfort, no matter where you go.

The gas powered options come with 2-passenger seating,20.9-sq-ft cargo deck, 1,200-lb vehicle load capacity and 13.5-hp Kawasaki® gas engine.

Meanwhile, you will find 2-passenger seating, 20.9-sq-ft cargo deck, 1,000-lb vehicle load capacity and 48V electric drive train in the electric powered options.

If you wish to add to the vehicle parts, there are several accessories,which are readily available. These include Universal side view mirror with turn signal kit, led light kit and Universal Jensen® Bluetooth® amplifier &speaker.

5. Technology Golf Carts

These are the carts designed with Intellibrake technology systems.

This is a patented system from E-Z-GO, which uses two revolutionary technologies.

According to E-Z-GO, the IntelliBrake System has “a motor brake that slows the vehicle when traveling up or down steep grades and an automatically applied parking brake. The motor brake automatically engages when you are driving to slow the vehicle on hills and the parking brake automatically activates whenever the vehicle is stopped, so your golfers no longer have to set and release a brake.”

It is different from mechanical brakes, in that they do not waste energy by generating friction and heat.

This system uses full-time regenerative braking. While this ishappening, the motor confines the energy normally employed to brake up the vehicle to recharge the batteries.

Techforce™ Assistance For Your Golf Carts

You don’t have to worry about getting someone to deal with your issues. Customer service and satisfaction are high on EZGO’s list. That is why they have a team solely devoted to getting you the help you need when you need it.

Techforce™ assistance team has advanced training, experience and extensive knowledge. Their aim is to have your vehicles in tiptop shape,with as little delay as possible.

They are not about supplying excuses. You can expect great service.

  • The team handles mobile parts inventory.
  • They are known for their industry-leading response time.
  • These professionals are factory trained to preserve and service vehicles.
  • They are also a part of the largest nationwide network of experienced technicians.

EZGO Hauler Pro Golf Carts

There are a number of options in this type of golf cart series. Each model is unique in its own way.

The Hauler Pro Golf Cart

Even if you are used to gas-powered vehicles, this electric-powered golf cart will have you thinking twice. It does not disappoint.

The Hauler Pro golf cart is able to power up hills and haul loads due to its capable 72V AC drive train. It will give any gas powered golf cart a run for its money and willout perform them if given the chance. Other noteworthy features include silent operation, IntelliBrake™technology, sealed windshield, cargo net and there are zero-emissions.

This vehicle was designed to help make your job easier.

The manufacturers worked hard on making it a cut above the rest. When you invest in one of these EZGO golf carts, you can expect:

  • 72V AC Electric Drive train
  • 1,200-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 800-lb Bed Load Capacity
  • 1,500-lb Towing Capacity
  • 12-cu-ft Cargo Bed
  • 2-Passenger Seating

The 72V AC electric drive train is responsible for the 50-mile range and effectiveness. It also adds to its unrivaled AC power. Then there is the integrated tie-down system.

You won’t have to worry about losing your loads along the way.

It is capable of keeping your maintenance equipment and other loads in place, once they are properly secured on the cart.

No matter whether you are loading one suitcase, medium-sized machinery or any number of tools and garden supplies, the 12-cu-ft cargo bed is generous enough to fit them all.

There is also the possibility of getting an optional bed divider.

It is extremely customizable so that you can to make the most of your load. Also, on the inside, you will find an exceedingly functional dashboard. More storage and more control are offered with this feature.

And finally, there is also an on-board charger. This makes it easier to charge your electronic items, no matter where you are going.

This work vehicle can sit two people easily, so you will always have a helping hand when you need it.

The Hauler Pro X Golf Cart

The Hauler Pro X Golf Cart

You will be able to travel at a farther distance with this EZGO golf cart. Not only will it be conducive for any environment – flora, fauna and constructed – but it has a lifted suspension, silent operation and 50-mile range.

The Hauler Pro golf cart also comes with a 72-volt AC power train. You can rest assured that this vehicle is not only energy efficient but it does not cost a great deal of money to maintain. It also has some nice added features like oversized beverage containers, clipboards and radio compartments.

It is certainly worth your consideration.

If you wish to customize the vehicle further, you can get a number of other accessories or options for your EZGOgolf cart. These include:

  • Ladder/hoop rack
  • Coloroptions
  • Rops-certified cab
  • Rearview mirror
  • L-track aluminum bed system
  • Weather enclosure
  • Rops-certified ball cage
  • Brush guard
  • Canopy storage net
  • 12-volt outlet
  • USB outlet
  • Flexible tool clamps
  • Weather enclosure
  • Tie down d-loops
  • Cargo mesh netting
  • Long-handled tool holder
  • Bed dividers

Consider The EZGO Golf Carts For Your Next Purchase

When it comes to balancing work budgets, things can get very complicated. You have so many priorities. But the best strategy is to invest in systems, goods, services and vehicles that are trustworthy and reliable.

It this way, they can serve you for many years to come with minimal upkeep and low maintenance expenditure.

The EZGO golf carts serve this purpose well.

You can look forward to getting a lot done with 72-volt AC power train, rear hitch receiver, standard features, premium turf tires and a remarkable50-mile range. You don’t have to worry about gas prices.

The EZGO Hauler Pro Golf Carts allows you to hitch other equipment and towing them to the various work sites.

If you want more bang for your break visit the Cushman dealer website to learn more today.