Spindle Lift Kit

You know you want a custom golf cart, and you have found the perfect one.

Only now you must add a lift kit to make your golf cart more versatile. From riding it on the beach to taking it on the green, lift kits can increase mobility or dramatically decrease mobility.

Golf carts are on longer just for moving around the course. Once you install a lift kit on your cart, it is an all-terrain vehicle you can use almost anywhere you need to go. Lift kits can accommodate large and small golf carts, and the more ground clearance you have, the more versatile your golf cart can be.

The Spindle Lift Kit

spindle_lift_kit_spread_out_in_piecesSpindle kits are popular on custom golf carts for sale because they are easy to install and work on most makes and models. The Spindle option can replace the manufacturer-installed spindle arm. Once installed, this kit provides you with more reach and more distance between the body and hub on the cart.

With a Spindle, you can upgrade tire size to something more off-road friendly. Also, parts are easy enough to find if you must repair your Spindle kit, and most companies know how to repair them. There are fewer than ten major components on a Spindle system. While they are affordable, they are also durable.

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Axel Lift Kits for Golf Carts

Axel lift kits are inexpensive, but difficult to install on a golf cart. The axel lift replaces the existing axel on your golf cart, and you can use stock spindles with the axel kit.

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Axel kits are made using heavy-duty materials and more durable than the standard shafts included in the stock golf cart. The axel lift works on most makes and models too.

Long Travel Lift Kits

Long travel kits are ideal if you need high performance and want to take your golf cart for heavy-duty off-road travel.

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The biggest advantage to a long travel kit is the independent suspensions. You get a smoother ride, regardless of the rocks and terrain. The long travel lift comes with an adjustable height, so you can change how much ground clearance you need based on the terrain.

If using your golf cart on the street, you can lower the height then lift it back up for off-roading.

Long-travel kits are expensive but made from highly durable materials. It comes with a synchronized box for steering control. These do lengthen your wheelbase, so you might need new tires and rims to accommodate the wider base.

A-Arm Lift Kits

The A-Arm lift kit works on customized Yamaha and Club Car golf carts. If you own this make, the A-Arm is the easiest to install on those golf carts. If your cart does not have a pre-installed A-Arm, you can still use the lift kit, but need professional installation to upgrade your arm to accommodate the lift.

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A-Arm is a comfortable ride and adjusts the wheelbase if you need such. You can accommodate different wheel sizes with the A-Arm and enjoy enhanced stability. Also, the high-quality metal tubing of the A-Arm ensures it will not bend or warp during heavy off-road use.

Which Lift Kit is Best for a Custom Golf Cart?

While shopping custom golf carts for sale, consider your terrain needs. If you plan on taking the golf cart on a variety of terrain, including the beaches or rocky areas, then you need an adjustable kit.

Also, the types of tires you use might determine the lift kit you need, since some lift kits do not widen the wheelbase.