three different custom golf carts

Building a custom golf card sounds like a fun project. If you’ve ever refurbished an old car, a golf cart may seem like an easy project. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to work on cars yet, DIY custom golf cart kits sound like a great way to ease into things.

But are these kits really worth the money?

DIY Custom Golf Cart Kits: Are They Really Worth It?

DIY Golf Cart and Saddleback Golf Cars are companies that provide these DIY golf cart kits. Not only do they provide kits, they provide all the parts and accessories you could possibly imagine.

What’s the Point of Building Your Own Golf Cart?

The main reason people choose to build is because they get to create something that is completely customized to their wants and needs. They get to choose the color, the style, the type of tires, and more. They can even find the parts to mimic the look of some of the most expensive pre-made golf carts out there. These carts sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Another great thing about a custom made golf cart, it doesn’t have to look like a golf cart. There are custom carts that look like mini convertible race cars, Jeeps, even miniature limos. This is a great option for people who want to turn some heads while driving down the road in their custom cart.

How to Build Your Cart from Scratch

Compared to refurbishing a car, building a custom golf car is super easy. You can order the parts and completely make your cart from scratch. This will definitely take more time and skill.

If you’re more of a visual learner, you can check out a YouTube channel, entitled DIY Golf Cart, which is devoted to showing people how to build and repair their golf carts.

If you really want to build your cart from scratch, you can even build your own golf cart engine. According to the DIY experts at, building a golf cart engine is fairly simple. In fact, you only need:

  • A ruler
  • A centrifugal clutch or power converter
  • A motorcycle or lawnmower motor
  • Some wrenches
  • A screwdriver.

They offer a complete breakdown of how to build the motor, too.

The easiest way to build your custom cart is to choose what you want and have someone else build it for you. That way, you save time but get a design you love. On many of the websites that provide DIY custom golf cart kits, all you have to do is choose your basic design, and then add all of the components you want. You get to choose the color, the tires, any extra feature you want.

man in a DIY red white and blue golf cart

Choosing the Best Product for Your Money

It’s always important to consider time as well as money when contemplating a project. While building a custom golf cart may seem like an awesome project, do you really have time for it? Some people may have the time but not necessarily the skill. In these cases, DIY custom golf cart kits may not be the way to go. There are also some who have the time to build a custom cart but would rather spend their time driving instead of building.

Always remember to think about what your ultimate goal is with your cart. If you want to start driving right away, it might be wise to pay the extra money and buy an already-built cart. But if you know you have the time and are dying to get your hands dirty, DIY custom golf kits may very well be the way to go!