fleet of golf course carts

Golf carts (karts) come in all styles and performances today.

However, finding the right golf cart to suit your game’s needs means shopping with a boutique supplier. After all, you are not supplying your local course. Instead, you are finding the perfect cart for your personal or community course and your personal game.

Gas versus Electric Golf Karts for Sale: Which is Better?

The first decision, and possibly the most important, involves choosing between gas or electric motors. Both have distinct advantages, but each has unique disadvantages too.

What are the Benefits of Electric Golf Carts?

An electric golf cart is more energy-efficient and does not promote pollution. They are less expensive than gas units, but can only operate for so long before you must park and recharge at home. Also, electric carts are cheaper to run. You do not have the same maintenance requirements or the worry of purchasing fuel to use your cart.

The replacement cost of the electric cart’s battery is expensive, but you should not replace for the first few years.

What are the Benefits of a Gas Golf Cart?

Gas golf carts use regular unleaded gasoline unless you purchase a hybrid. Your gas cart will run much longer on a single tank of gas than an electric unit on a single charge. However, you have the cost of purchasing gas each time you run the tank out.

You might notice more horsepower with your gas-powered unit, which means better acceleration and higher top speeds.

Maintenance with a golf cart powered by gas is much higher than an electric unit, however. Also, you have the issue of emissions, and some private resorts do not allow gas-powered units for that very reason.

New or Used Golf Karts for Sale?

While your budget is extensive, you may find a better unit used than new. In fact, if you are looking for a customized golf cart, a unique one from a past owner that has customized it themselves is easier to find than ordering yours from a dealer.

The benefits of opting for new are important too. After all, you spend more, but with that comes a warranty, insurance, and less maintenance than a used golf cart.

With a new unit, you have the luxury of picking out accessories specific to your make and model. If you want specific features, the dealer can order a unit to your specifications.

Used units are much cheaper and have already dealt with the depreciation issues. Therefore, if you decide to change out or upgrade later, you won’t have negative equity in the golf cart to worry about.

When purchasing used, it might be best to buy it at a certified retailer. They inspect used units, maintain them, and might offer a warranty regardless of how old the golf cart is – for added peace of mind.

Buying Your Cart with Confidence

Always test drive a golf cart for sale and ensure you like the way it handles, the speed, the consistency, and the smoothness of the ride. Some golf carts handle rough terrain differently and could have more vibrations. Naturally, you can change out the suspension and tires on the cart for a smoother ride, but it is best to have one that comes with it already.

Also, your golf cart has functions off the green too. If you plan to use it to ride around your private grounds or through the community, select one with the acceleration and right tire specifications so you can get about with ease.