Shopping for a golf cart can be a fun process where you get to explore a dazzling array of options that you may have never considered before. You have to carefully consider the most important features you are looking for in your ideal pick.

This article is going to explore five of the best golf carts available for purchase today. We will list them according to their price range and include a bit of information about each model as well as their specifications to help guide you through the buying process.


E-Z-GO TXT, one of the best golf carts today

The E-Z-GO TXT is one of the best golf carts available and comes in 17 eye-catching colors. This particular product line consists of both electric and gas options. This model is a two seater variety that is ideal for short commutes around the golf course or your gated community. There is a wide selection of customizations you can make during the purchasing process with options like an oversized bag well, bag cover, and more.

We have to point out that the  E-Z-GO TXT golf cart was was not designated to be street legal and you should only use it for golfing.

E-Z-GO TXT Specs

Note: The specifications section lists the gas specs first followed by the electric in areas where they differ.

  • Electric/Gas/Both: Both;
  • Power Source: 4-Cycle 401 cc low-emissions/48V DC;
  • Horsepower: 13.5 hp/3 hp continuous;
  • Drive Train:Continuously Variable Transmission/Motor Shaft Direct Drive;
  • Seating Capacity: Two;
  • Vehicle Load Capacity: 800 pounds;
  • Speed: 13 mph/14.8 mph.


The purchase price is usually between $6,000-$8,000 depending on the options you select and if you choose the gas or electric version.

2. Club Car Precedent 4Fun

Precedent 4Fun golf cart

With room for four, the Precedent 4Fun by Club Car is another of the best golf carts worth considering. One of its most useful features is the Monsoon Top canopy system that funnels water quickly and efficiently off the roof helping to ensure riders stay dry. Thanks to its features, the Precedent 4Fun can effortlessly accommodate a full foursome in comfort.

This golf cart also includes a handy USB charging port that can power just about any mobile device imaginable. This model is only available in electric and utilizes a special battery charging system known as ERIC.

Club Car Precedent 4Fun Specs

  • Electric/Gas/Both: Electric;
  • Power Source: 48V DC;
  • Horsepower: 3.7 hp;
  • Seating Capacity: Four;
  • Speed: 12.4 mph.


The model typically cost anywhere from $8,500-$9,000 depending on the additional features you select. This makes the Club Car Precedent 4Fun one of the more budget friendly best golf carts out there.

3. Bad Boy Buggies HDe

Bad Boy Buggies HDe golf cart

The HDe by Bad Boy Buggies is another one of the best golf carts available today. The powerful 72-volt drivetrain ensures this golf cart is able to traverse just about any terrain imaginable. It also comes with a handy 9.6 cubic foot storage area in the rear that is perfect for storing gear. This makes the HDe golf cart by Bad Boy Buggies an ideal pick for those of you who love exploring the outdoors while camping, fishing, and more.

Bad Boy Buggies HDe Specs

  • Electric/Gas/Both: Electric;
  • Power Source: 72V AC;
  • Horsepower: 22.4 hp;
  • Drive Train: Motor Shaft Direct Drive;
  • Gear Selection: Seat Wrap Mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse Switch;
  • Seating Capacity: Two (Upgradeable To Four);
  • Vehicle Load Capacity: 900 pounds;
  • Speed: 16 mph.


With an average price point around $9,000, the HDe by Bad Boy Buggies is a very affordable option that comes with many features that make it useful for a variety of tasks.

4. Garia 2+2

Garcia 2+2, one of the best golf carts

The Garia 2+2 is is another one of the best golf carts available today. The base model comes loaded with features that are sure to make it a hit with golfing aficionados. A prime example is the handy golf ball and tee holder storage container located in the front compartment. A great premium feature is the refrigerated ice compartment located in the dashboard that is perfect for keeping bottled water cool and more. This model sports a modest cargo capacity as well, which is another reason it made our list of the best golf carts.

Garia 2+2 Specs

  • Electric/Gas/Both: Electric;
  • Power Source: High efficiency 3-phase AC motor;
  • Horsepower: 15 hp;
  • Seating Capacity: Four;
  • Vehicle Load Capacity: 770 pounds;
  • Speed: 19 mph.


The Garia 2+2 golf cart is one of the more luxurious choices and typically retails for $18,533 for the base model.

5. Cushman Shuttle 4

Cushman Shuttle 4 golf cart

The Cushman Shuttle 4 is one of the best golf carts available today. It sports a sizable 9 cubic foot cargo deck that is perfect for luggage, golf clubs, and other materials. With capacity for four, this golf cart is the perfect option for a wide variety of tasks like ferrying resort guests to their villas, transporting maintenance crews to job sites, and much more.

With both gas and electric models available, this is one golf cart that is worth considering. While this is more expensive than most other models, this golf cart sports an impressive cargo capacity and a powerful engine design which were the primary reasons it made our list of best golf carts.

Cushman Shuttle 4 Specs

Note: The specifications section lists the gas specs first followed by the electric in areas where they differ.

  • Electric/Gas/Both: Both
  • Power Source: 4-Cycle 401cc low emission/48V DC
  • Horsepower: 13.5 hp/18.1 hp
  • Drive Train:Continuously Variable Transmission/Motor Shaft Direct Drive
  • Gear Selection: Forward and reverse/Dash-Mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse
  • Seating Capacity: Four
  • Vehicle Load Capacity: 1,200 pounds
  • Speed: 16 mph/13 mph


The price range for this model is between $19,000-$21,000 depending on the loadout you select.

Summing Up

Feel free to take a closer look at the five models presented in this article and use our information to help you make an informed buying decision. For those of you who have already purchased one of these golf carts, we would love to hear about your experience with the product as well.