Golf carts are a fun and effective way to make little commutes around the community and are perfect for a variety of outdoor events like tennis and golf. One of the most fun things about owning your own golf cart is customizing it.

This article is going to explore ten of the best golf cart accessories that you should try today. We are going to list them according to price and will give you a bit of information about each product.

1. Macally Adjustable Phone Holder

Distracted driving is something that should be avoided at all costs for both traditional automobiles as well as golf carts. This is why this adjustable phone holder by Macally is another one of the best golf cart accessories worth purchasing for yourself. The phone holder does not require any type of tools to set up. All you need is a traditional cup holder slot to anchor the holder and it is ready for use.

The adjustable phone holder by Macally is compatible with a variety of popular cell phone models and is available for purchase for $10.15 on

2. Golf Cart Battery Filler Bottle

One key element of maintaining your golf cart is ensuring that the batteries maintain the proper fluid level at all times. With extended use, it is normal for the amount of water in the cells to deplete with time. This battery filler bottle is one of the best golf cart accessories worth trying for yourself that makes this process quick and easy. With an automatic shut-off feature and strong polyethylene material construction, this device is both convenient and built to last.

The battery filler bottle can be purchased for $11.99 on

3. Old Fashion Golf Cart Horn

What better way to customize the look and feel of your golf cart than an old fashioned golf cart horn? This horn is air powered and is operated via a typical squeeze nozzle at the end that creates a honking sound that kids will love. It is also functional because it warns pedestrians of your approach. Mounting this device is fairly straightforward and requires basic tools like a screwdriver.

You can purchase this horn for your golf cart for $13.45 on

4. Ultra Bright Color Lights By Caddyshack

One of the most important safety components of any golf cart is its lighting. It is also one of the easiest ways to customize the look and feel of your golf cart quickly and easily. This is why these bright lights made by Caddyshack are another one of the best golf cart accessories worth considering. Each pack includes four different light colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. The lights install easily by simply screwing them into the tire stem valve and they require no wiring.

The Ultra Bright Color Lights By Caddyshack are available for purchase for $14.99 on

5. Golf Cart Flagpole

One of the most common ways you will see golf carts customized is with patriotic flags and flags of the rider’s favorite sports teams. With this handy golf cart flagpole, you can easily customize your own golf cart too. It features all of the mounting hardware you need to quickly attach it to either the driver side or passenger side frame.

You can purchase this accessory for $17.99 on

6. Five-panel Mirror By GPD

This five-panel mirror is one of the best golf cart accessories for a variety of reasons. Proper visibility plays an important role in just about any golf cart and this is where this accessory shines. It features an uninterrupted view of the rear portion of your golf cart and can be customized to fit a variety of different golf cart sizes. Most importantly, this is a universal kit that includes all of the mounting hardware.

The Five-panel mirror by GPD is available for purchase for $18.29 on

7. FUNcaster Barometer

Have you ever forgotten to check the weather before going out for a ride on your golf cart? With this handy barometer made by FUNcaster, you will not have to worry about this again. This is one of the most useful golf cart accessories that sports an easy to read extra large digital display. It requires no special mounting or wiring and is operated by three AAA batteries which are included.

You can purchase the FUNcaster barometer for yourself for only $19.99 on

8. Golf Cart Seat Cover By Classic Accessories

Golf carts are often left outside to brave the elements. From blistering heat to icy mornings, they have seen it all. This is why this seat cover is another one of the best golf cart accessories you have to try today. It measures 54″ by 32″ making it more than large enough for most standard golf carts. It features a reversible design with one side being a water resistant cover and the other doubling as a fleece blanket. It is also machine washable which makes caring for this product a breeze.

The khaki option currently cost $22.75 on

9. Rear Armrest Cup Holder Mount

Staying hydrated during the summer months is important while participating in outdoor activities like golfing and tennis. Most golf carts have cup holders in the front facing seats that are perfect for the driver and passenger. With this mount, you can now have cup holders that mount to the armrest for your additional passengers as well. The design is padded for additional comfort and durability which is why this is one of the best golf cart accessories you have to try for yourself.

Rear armrest cup holder can be purchased for $38.95 on

10. Golf Cart Grab Bar

Riding in the rear seat of a golf cart is often an exhilarating experience for both young and old riders alike. However, safety is key and this is why a proper golf cart grab bar is key. This is one of the best golf cart accessories for any model with a rear set. It features a sturdy metal construction and comes with all of the bolts necessary to attach it to your cart’s frame.

Golf cart grab bar can be purchased for $51.49 on

Summing Up

All of these golf cart accessories can serve as great additions to your cart. Take your time looking through our list and find the accessories that best fit your needs.You can also learn more about how to pick the perfect golf cart accessories before making any purchase. Once you have decided which ones are best for you, feel free to try them out for yourself and tell us about your experience with them.