When shopping around for EZ GO golf cart batteries, choose the deep cycle type. The reason is that they are designed with thick plates and separators and high-density active paste material to endure the rigors of extreme recharging and discharging cycles. Additionally, they are easy to install and have a twin terminal design for convenient connection to power sources and other accessories.

We have picked the best EZ GO golf cart batteries based on their prices and performance.

1. Lot of Six Trojan T-875 8V Golf Cart Batteries

Golfers may want to add the Lot of 6 Trojan T-875 8V EZ GO golf batteries to create a 48V powered golf cart. Weighing 63 pounds, the battery offers 170 AH at twenty hours. As one customer stated, these batteries really are the best.


  • Comes in a set of six batteries;
  • Extended cycle life (650-750 cycles);
  • Flooded Lead-Acid Wet Cell;
  • Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator;
  • Alpha Plus® paste formulation;
  • Less battery maintenance;
  • A reasonable weight and size;
  • Reduced water consumption.

Price: $990 on Amazon.com.

2. Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Marine RV Battery

Weighing only 68 pounds, the battery uses the absorbent glass mat technology to hold the electrolytes absorbed in glass mats around the lead plates. If you are looking for affordable, low maintenance EZ GO golf cart batteries, the Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Marine RV Battery makes a good buy.

Compared to other kinds of lead-acid batteries, they are less likely to cause spillage when broken. Additionally, their generation of heat is relatively low during charging and discharging cycles.


  • A capacity of 6 volts;
  • An excellent option if you want to store up power;
  • Long cycle life;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology;
  • A multi-purpose AGM battery;
  • Will not spill when broken;
  • During the charging and discharging cycles, heat generation is reduced;
  • Does not require water.

Price: $203 on Amazon.com.

3. The US 8VGCHC XC2 Golf Cart Battery

The US 8VGCHC XC2 – 8 Volt Golf Cart Battery is one of the most powerful EZ GO golf cart batteries of the 8-volt batteries. With an Ah rating of 183 and 345 minutes of capacity at 25 Amps, it outpaces Exide’s and Trojan’s eight-volt series.


  • An advanced Plus Paste that adds to the initial capacity and rechargeability;
  • High peak capacity;
  • Unique plate curing process that enhances structural strength;
  • Uses shorter and thicker plates to create more electrolyte over the plates and extend the necessary water levels;
  • Improved cycle life;
  • A unique grid metal alloy-Antinium- that reduces water usage and corrosion;
  • 30 percent more capacity than the Trojan T875;
  • 25 percent more capacity than Exide;

Price: $179.92 on PowerStrideBattery.com.

4. Trojan 6 Volt Deep Cycle Golf cart Wet battery with 225 Amp Hour

Weighing only sixty-seven pounds, the Trojan 6v 225 AH Deep Cycle Golf Cart Wet Battery adds to the extensive signature line of deep-cycle flooded EZ GO golf cart batteries. The battery is designed to provide superb performance, robust durability and is ideal for use in renewable energy systems. As with other Trojan golf cart batteries, it comes equipped with the T2 technology for increased power, maximum performance, and long life.


  • The Maxguard T2 separator with a multi-rib geometry to enhance electrochemical processing and keep channels open longer.
  • Trojan’s grid technology that provides remarkable adhesion between the grid frame and the Alpha Plus Paste. Thick grids are known to reduce corrosion and reinforce the strength of the structure.
  • The Alpha Plus Paste also optimizes development of porosity in the active material, resulting in extended battery performance.
  • Comes with a 36-month warranty; the first twelve months being free replacement, after 12 months the other months are pro-rated.

Price: $170 on BatteryStuff.com.

5. The Exide E-3600 Golf Cart Batteries

The most notable feature of the Exide E-3600 Batteries EZ GO golf cart batteries is its ability to resist vibration, which is the most common problem related to cart batteries. Weighing only sixty-two pounds, the battery comes fitted with three gang vents and has a cycle of 600.


  • Has a cast-on strap or partition connectors that enhance electrical conductivity and strength to allow superior vibration resistance;
  • Easy maintenance through the twist and release vent caps;
  • Reserve capacity rating of up to 525;
  • AMP hour rating of 245 for enhanced service life per charge cycle;
  • 232 Amp hours more than the Trojan T105 battery;
  • 750 cycles at 50 percent Depth of Discharge;
  • Comes with a 12-month free replacement.

Price: $163.33 on PowerStrideBattery.com.

6. USB US-2200 XC2 6V Golf Cart Batteries

It features the classic deep-cycle batteries that are ideal for small and medium power systems. Delivering a remarkable 750 cycle at 80% depth of discharge, the USB US-2200 XC2 6V Golf Cart Batteries provides outstanding performance compared to other 6V EZ GO golf cart batteries. It features a patented diamond plate technology that allows up to 232 Amp Hours of capacity.


  • Diamond Plate Technology to maximize charge and the capacity life;
  • An antinium metal mixture used to reduce corrosion, use of water and extends the battery life by 20%;
  • Thick plates for longer cycles;
  • Flooded Lead-Acid Wet Cell;
  • Fastest cycle-up to full rated capacity;
  • High charge efficiency design;
  • Offer continuous flow of energy;
  • Less susceptible to degradation due to cycling;
  • Meets new California Energy Commission regulations;
  • Compatibility with most chargers used in the field;
  • Made with thicker plates, delivering less peak current;
  • A speed cap that does not vibrate when disconnected.

Price: $159 on Amazon.com.

Summing Up

Choosing the right golf cart batteries makes the difference between an exciting and a dull golf contest. This comprehensive guide should help both experienced and new golfers stay ramped up. If you are looking for batteries with the best cycle life, pick the Trojan T-105 golf battery. On the other hand, the Amstron GC2 6V AGM is ideal for those looking for low-maintenance. But remember, proper charging, maintenance, and storage are crucial to extending the life and function of all EZ GO golf cart batteries.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with these EZ GO golf cart batteries in our comments section below.