If you’re a golf cart owner, you know that these pieces of equipment are no longer meant for just the golf course.

In fact, many people use their carts to do chores around the property, take a ride through the woods, or even just head down to the corner store to pick up some groceries. And with the added benefit of fuel efficiency that these types of transportation offer, it’s no wonder that golf carts are becoming more popular than ever before.

That’s why many owners are beginning to treat their carts as more than just a way to get from hole one to hole two. In fact, an entire new industry of luxury products created specifically for golf carts has recently sprung up. Coolers, lift kits, motor upgrades, and GPS have all made their way into the golf cart industry.

When it comes to accessories though, nothing is more popular than golf cart speakers. There’s something about having a bit of background music that makes taking a practice swing or even just driving around the neighborhood a lot more fun.

But don’t be fooled; golf cart speakers aren’t the same as regular ones. And here’s why.

What to Look for With Your Golf Cart Speakers

One of the first aspects you’re likely to notice when trying to pick out golf cart speakers is that they come in a variety of different kinds of mounts. Some speakers, for instance, make installation a snap by clipping right to the roof support beams.

The Kicker 4” Speakers with Bullet Enclosures, for example, can grip around a variety of different shaped struts so that you can both rest assured that they’re secure, but also adjust them to whatever height you find most comfortable.

Other speaker systems need to be installed directly into a console. Such consoles can come in a few different forms. There are overhead consoles that attach directly under your golf cart’s roofing. There are also dashboard models that may require a bit more handiwork to install, but they look great and won’t ever obstruct your view. The sound delivery, though, is coming from below in that case, so quality might suffer just a bit.

If you really want to go the extra mile incorporating your speaker system into your dashboard, you could always invest in a custom dash console as well. Companies like VIP Golf Cars creates these custom golf cart speaker consoles for personal use and they make your cart’s sound system blend seamlessly into the machine itself.

frame mounted golf cart speakers

While individual speakers may give you the option of really customizing your audio and let you get that surround sound feel, a sound bar might just end up being the better option for you. These pieces of equipment usually combine multiple speakers into a single fixture, making installation and setup a snap. Someone with little technical and audio knowhow will love one of these.

Another aspect of your speakers that you should definitely be on the lookout for is whether or not they are approved to protect against the elements. Nothing is quite as defeating as spending a couple hundred dollars on brand new speakers only to watch them fry out in a little bit of drizzle. That’s why when shopping for your golf cart speakers you should ensure they are certified for outdoor use. Otherwise, you may just have to eat the replacement costs.

Golf Cart Speakers: Tune In!

Now that you know a bit more about what to look for when it comes to picking out your golf cart speakers, you should be able to find the model that suits your needs.

And don’t forget – everything’s a bit better with some music!