Fuel injection is not new technology. In fact, it originated decades ago. However, the use of fuel injection on golf carts is relatively new. Over the past few years, custom golf cart manufacturers have implemented the use of fuel injected. Not only will a fuel injection unit be easier to sell down the road, but you get better performance and more benefits from your fuel-injected golf cart.

6 Key Advantages for Adding Fuel Injection to a Custom Golf Court

Whether you are driving around the community or taking your cart out onto the green, using a fuel injected engine gives you numerous benefits.

1. Easier Starting in the Cold

You want to take your cart out for the first swings of the spring season. However, the cold temperatures are not working for your non-fuel injected engine. Instead, you hear cranks and wheezes, but no response. Cold starting any engine is difficult, but with fuel injection, your golf cart fires up regardless of the temperatures outside.

You do not need to warm up the engine on your golf cart either. Just start it and get moving.

2. Improved Throttle and Reactions

Compare the throttling of a fuel-injected engine to a non-injected one, and you notice the difference instantly. Not only is your response smoother, but the throttle rate is predictable. You can adjust speed with precision, get around with ease, and not worry about constant pressure on your gasoline — meaning fewer fill-ups too.

3. Maximize Your Fuel Economy

While a golf cart has relatively competitive fuel economy, a fuel-injected engine offers better atomization and disbursement of fuel. Therefore, you have a cleaner engine that does not consume as much gas. Typically, fuel-injection gives you anywhere from 15 to 25 percent efficiency. While some brands claim more, the average falls in this range.

More efficiency does not always mean more miles per gallon. Therefore, you must compare the MPG rating of each fuel-injected engine and never assume that you get better gas mileage or the same distance for all EFI systems.

4. Improved Power and Torque

When you have a complete burn, your cart has much more horsepower and torque. The torque curve equally broadens, giving you a more efficient RPM that you can feel regardless of the speed you use. Carrying a large load becomes easier with the more torque you have too because your cart is now a workhorse ready to tackle the extra weight with ease.

5. Less Maintenance

One of the bigger rewards for fuel injection is that your engine does not work as hard. While you have more performance, there are no clogged jets and all you need for winterizing is a fuel stabilizer or just empty the tank and lines.

You do not have to clean the carburetor or worry about preparing your cart for spring use either.

6. Comfortable Transportation No Matter Where You Go

No matter when and where you drive your golf cart, you get a comfortable ride with a fuel injected engine. This reason is why more owners opt for fuel injection in their custom golf carts too.

A fuel injected engine is quieter, but smoother too. It will have fewer vibrations even on rougher terrain, and you will take hills without any struggle. Some are almost as quiet as electric engines too, which is ideal if you want the power of gas, but the quietness of an electric motor on your golf cart.

Bottom line, fuel injection is the best investment for your custom golf cart dollar-for-dollar.