How many times have you been taking a ride in your golf cart only to realize that it’d be great if you knew what was happening in the news?

Or maybe you’re on hole nine and wish you knew what the weather was going to do so you could decide to play the last half of the course.

Or perhaps you’re doing a bit of work on your property and you could really go for some music to make the time pass more quickly. No matter where you are or what you’re doing with your golf cart, having the option of tuning in to the radio or starting up your favorite album is always going to be a welcome pleasure.

That’s why one of the best investments you can make is purchasing a golf cart stereo. These handy devices can come with a variety of features and capabilities.

But it’s important to know what to look for before you commit to any particular system. Otherwise, you just might be stuck with a stereo that either doesn’t meet your particular needs or isn’t suited for the outdoors.

Tip #1: Know How You Want to Use It

This one might sound silly at first but not every golf cart stereo is built equally. Some have AM/FM radio functionality while others don’t. Some come with a CD drive and others with an auxiliary jack.

Another feature to watch for is Bluetooth functionality.

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If you would like to stream music or talk radio from your phone directly to your golf cart stereo, the stereo must have Bluetooth capability. The only other way to get audio from one device to the other is by plugging in an auxiliary cord to each.

Knowing what you’ll be using your stereo for beforehand can save you a lot of frustration and money down the line.

Tip #2: Know How You Want It Mounted

white overhead stereo mounting for golf cartThere are a lot of different kinds of golf cart stereos on the market today and one of the biggest differentiators is how it can be mounted.

While this isn’t as much of a problem if you’re buying the stereo system by itself (as most are the same size), an entire kit will likely come with its own console. Some may mount above the head while others could be on the dashboard.

While there shouldn’t be too much difference in terms of sound quality, it is important to consider just what kind of feel you’re after. Overhead mounts, for instance, might add a bit more surround sound quality to your music.

Plus, if you’re not much of a handyman or do-it-yourself-er, you may want to seek out consoles that come with their own mounting supplies. Otherwise, you might be stuck jerry-rigging it yourself.

Tip #3: Don’t Skimp on the Sound

wood grain roof mounted golf cart sound system

Finally, and possibly most importantly when it comes to a stereo system, don’t waste your money on an underpowered system. You might be tempted to buy cheap, but there are a few details of the more budget-based systems that may end up costing you more in the long run.

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Systems with underwhelming speakers, for instance, might be alluring due to their price tag but what you save in money, you’ll end up paying for in sound quality. Don’t think you won’t notice the difference on a windy day.

What’s more, cheaper systems tend to be less environmentally resistant. As such, they’re more likely to break down with just the tiniest bit of moisture.

Buy Smart When It Comes to Your Golf Cart Stereo

As with so many other things in life, knowing what to look for in your golf cart stereo makes that perfect model so much easier to find. So shop smart when it comes to your next golf cart stereo!