Unless you rent golf carts, you really should look into golf cart covers to protect your cart when you’re away from the greens. Albeit golf carts are sturdy, they are still subject to wear and tear if not protected against the elements of nature.

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Wind, rain, snow, and debris can build up on your cart if not safely stowed away. You should also make sure to check your cart occasionally if taking a hiatus from playing golf. Purchasing a golf cart is a smart investment for playing comfortably, just as buying golf cart covers, gloves, and headcovers for your clubs.

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Protect Against Wear and Tear On Your Golf Cart

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Although the golf cart has been a favorite form of transport around the golf course since the 1950s, they are still subject to succumbing to wear and tear. When not in use, your golf cart can sustain significant damage from stray balls, rain, snow, and exposure if not adequately housed.

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Using a cover for your golf cart helps protect your cart while riding around, so anyone riding in the golf cart is more comfortable when playing in poor weather. Your golf cart will thank you for your care and diligence, as a golf cart cover helps ensure longevity and protects against unwanted damage.

A universal golf cart cover is useful for keeping riders more comfortable when playing, protecting them from getting wet or feeling the cold. You can comfortably ride around in a cart while the golf cart cover stays securely in place. Usually, elastics or other construction details will reduce the chances of the cover shrinking and make it easy to install or remove.

Golf cart covers often use a thick and durable plastic that is see-through and materials like nylon.

Waterproof materials are resistant to getting wet, keeping riders safe and dry while seated inside the golf cart. Depending on weather conditions and your golf cart make and model, you can find a cover that just rides for you.

Rain Can Wreak Havoc

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A little rain doesn’t stop an avid golfer from enjoying a few rounds, but your golf cart will not be so capable of defending itself against water damage. If it wasn’t enough that golf carts can take on damage from being driven through deep enough water, water could cause problems for a golf cart given enough time.

The body of a golf cart contains many nooks and crannies where water can seep in and build-up, resulting in possibly damaging electronics, causing color changes to the seats and body, or make riding less reliable.

A solid golf cart rain cover will protect your cart from damage, dirt, and prevent degradation from any water. Covers that protect against water use construction materials that are resistant to water and allow for air circulation while seated under its protection.

Golf cart covers are available with zippers to enter and exit the golf cart when placed and can be large enough to accommodate two-seater golf carts or larger models for four seats. Maintenance on golf cart covers is easy with a rinse-off from a hose or wiped down with a cloth.

Snow Can Slowly Cause Problems Too

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If weather conditions are too treacherous to venture out, golfers will stay away from the grounds. But during long winter months, golf carts need covers that will keep them dry, and reduce the chances of water seeping into crevices and damaging wiring or electronics.

A golf cart winter cover is a must to keep a golf cart from unnecessary damage and discoloration. Piles of snow can build up and cause warping, stains, and make the golf cart run more poorly after the seasons change.

When storing the golf cart for winter, it is critical to protecting the cart’s battery, engine life, and electronics from freezing over. Batteries can manage to lose their ability to charge, so a cover should keep your cart toasty during colder temperatures. It is good practice to charge batteries once a month and to disconnect any unnecessary parts of the cart that require power.

Be mindful of water levels within a golf cart, and make sure to give the batteries a full charge before setting up a cart for winter storage. Lower temperatures can affect how well batteries charge, cause freezing or cracking or even lead to an inability to maintain a charge.

In addition to using a cover to protect the cart, it is best to keep your golf cart in a garage or other storage enclosure to protect it from being damaged by elemental exposure.

Going Golfing In The Winter Is Risky

Winter golfing is usually something to be avoided in areas with dangerously low temperatures. Even a golf cart cover may not be enough to stave off the risk of frostbite, the potential for battery or brake failure, or injury caused by loss of traction on icy patches of terrain.

The turf can suffer from freezing temperatures enough as it is, so added foot traffic or golf cart traffic could add to the damage during colder months.

If you are feeling the itch to play some golf during cold months, it is better to go to an indoor course or fly out to a warmer location.

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Choosing the Best Golf Cart Covers Available

When selecting a golf cart cover, make sure you are considering how often you use your golf cart and its amount of exposure to the elements. You can choose a golf cart storage cover to protect your cart from damage caused by sun, wind, debris, and water. You also have options for golf cart covers best for driving on the course, perfect for protecting riders during sunny, rainy, or colder weather.

Universal Fit

According to reviews, the Champion Throw over is one of the best golf carts covers available. It has a removable front window, offers full 360-degree visibility for riders, and is easy to install or remove quickly. Adjustable hooks allow the cover to be secured to the corners of the golf cart, and it has a universal fit applicable to most golf cart models.

This cart cover is available in three color options and has multiple zippers in the rear of the cover so that you can get access to your equipment in a flash. Your cart will maintain a clean and classic look while keeping passengers warm, dry, and in style.

Best Golf Cart Covers Available

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Storage Cover

The Fermosa Deluxe offers golfing enthusiasts a protective shield against the elements when not out on the course. This cover is made from UV-coated satin polyester and protects your golf cart from debris, sunlight, and other unsavory elements while stowed away.

There are grommets located at the bottom of the cover, so your cable locks can keep the golf cart more secure. Four vents allow for air circulation, so your cart stays dry, and ready for use when the golf hiatus ends.

This cover comfortably fits many types of golf cart models and is available in 3 distinct color options. This storage cover is water resistant and allows access to the cart via a rear zipper. Carts that have seating room for four passengers with extended roofs will nestle safely under this cover’s protection.

Personal Style Preference for Golf Cart Covers

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Personal Style Preference

Ultimately, when choosing a golf cart cover, you want to consider ease of entry and exit, construction material quality, and user-friendly installation. Some golf cart covers have doors that open and close on a hinge. Other models provide riders a zipper or flap to make their entrance and exit out of a cart.

The choice of golf cart cover should be easy to clean, give all riders a clear view of the surrounding environment, and stay securely put while riding on any terrain.

Covers with a hinged door may be locked closed or removed. Zippers on covers may allow riders to unzip sections of the cover, to access their cart without having to open a door.

Golf cart covers that offer convenience should come with clearly provided instructions, and usually, there isn’t a need to drill and install a track before installation

Simple covers allow users to readily pack, unpack, and throw over a universal slip over the golf cart, with a hook to keep things secure.

Golf cart covers are an inexpensive addition to enhancing a golf session. Covers allow golfers the ability to enjoy riding in warmth and comfort when playing in the rain, sun, or winter months. Many covers come with a duffle bag to stow away the cover when not in use. And the color options for a lot of golf covers come in neutral colors such as tan, black, or beige for a classic look.

Unless you frequently choose to rent a golf cart, if you own your own personal vehicle for off-roading or traveling around the golf course, you will need a quality golf cart cover. It doesn’t take long for neglect and the elements to damage a sturdy golf cart, and possibly cause undue irreversible damage.