Porsche has captured the imaginations of people ever since its very first model in 1956. It was a slinky, sexy vehicle with its signature curved windshield. It’s a symbol of status and class and found on more than a few childhood posters.

Another gorgeous vehicle is your golf cart. Its blocky, plastic design with the little wheels makes it a status symbol of its own. We remember our first golf cart poster, even. Now that you’ve enjoyed your success, it’s time to reward yourself with a plain, dull golf cart that looks just like everyone else’s.

Just kidding. Golf carts are not sexy. They’re functional, yes. They help you get from hole to hole quickly, yes. However, there’s a reason people call wimpy electric cars glorified golf carts. You want your golf cart, but you’re hoping for a little bit more flair.

Your golf cart could use an upgrade. If you’ve been dreaming about your dream car, the Porsche, there’s a chance you could replicate that look with your golf cart. It could at least give you the most entertaining cart on the course. At the most, you could become a legend.

Let’s take a look at a few different options.

Buy A Custom Porsche Cart

Porsche Golf Cart Front Corner

Photo credit to Golf Car Catalog

No, Porsche hasn’t gotten into the golf cart game (yet), though Mercedes has. Getting your Porsche golf cart, in this case, means buying a novelty cart designed to look like the iconic car. Caddyshack, a novelty seller, is one of the most famous manufacturers of these novelty carts. They don’t have Porsche golf carts for sale, but you can order a custom one buy talking to an agent.

Their tricked-out Porsche golf cart comes with all the classic features of the Porsche Speedster.

The Body

The Porsche design golf cart includes Porsche’s eye-catching hood. The white, PPG-painted body features the classic speedster hood design with the chrome accent and the large alloy-rimmed, round headlights. It includes all the Porsche badging. The front and rear bodies are hand-laid fiberglasses.

Under the front hood is a locking front trunk that mimics the curved hood of the Speedster. It has a fold-down windshield and a golf bag attachment that mimics the rear trunk of a car.

It has all the required external safety features including headlights and tail lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and a horn.

The Interior of Porsche Golf Cart

Photo credit to Caddyshack Golf Carts

The Interior

They’ve reformatted the interior to look like bucket seats. There are twin recessed sections that give the illusion of separate driver and passenger sections. It’s a great detail that many of the old sports cars had. The seat material is a shiny vinyl upholstery.

There are floor mats and compartments in the front and the back. There’s a bubble across the front dash to encompass the steering wheel. Although it doesn’t serve many purposes beyond design, it would hardly be a true Porsche inspired design without one.

Other Features

It’s built on the E-Z-GRO RSV chassis and comes in either a gas or electric. The electric model comes with four 12v deep cycle batteries and a 48-V charger. You can also choose to have your cart built on the E-Z-GO Elite chassis for lithium batteries instead.


You can express interest in purchasing Caddyshack’s custom Porsche Speedster golf cart through their website, and a representative will be in contact with you.


Having the golf cart built for you ensures that you’re getting a solid quality cart. If you don’t know anything about assembling kits, it might be worth it for you to invest in an already built custom cart.


It might be a more significant investment and take longer. You’ll have to go through a salesperson, and it might be a few weeks at least before you get your cart.

Custom Body Kits

Instead of purchasing a cart new, you could transform your existing golf cart into a Porsche-like replica using a Porsche golf cart body kit.

A body kit is meant to bolt onto the existing body of the golf cart without welding or elaborate mechanical alterations.

Going through a custom body kit seller usually means that the parts are sent to you and must be bolted on. They include all the parts you need to complete the transformation.

You get a variety of things including lights, lenses, the grill, and any emblems. Some kits also help you transform the back of the vehicle as well with trunk alterations. You can even get custom made roof attachments.

Many custom body shops ask that you fill out an inquiry before they will quote a price. Many kits are made to fit the EZ-GO model and Yamaha although if you have a different type of cart, you should still inquire about your options.

In some cases, you can choose the color and model of your custom body kit, and the pieces come mailed to you. Just line up the drilling holes with the factory holes and install with some basic tools.

Installing lights isn’t tricky either. You must make sure to disconnect the lights from the batteries and then remount with the new lights included in your body kit.

Be sure you read all the fine print for your body kit and that you understand which pieces you’re getting. We recommend going this route if you’re sure of your mechanical (and building) skills so that you don’t ruin the golf cart you already have.

Custom Body Kits Porsche Golf Cart

Photo credit to Villages Golf Cart


You’ll save some money building it yourself. If you’ve already got a working golf cart, you won’t’ have to worry about buying a cart to customize. Plus, you’ll have all the bragging rights your first game after the build.


You need to be very confident in your abilities, or you’ll ruin the cart you already have. Consider these things carefully.

Golf Cart from The Porsche Factory

Okay, a custom-made golf cart that looks like a Porsche might. If you’re looking for a more upscale, yet understated golf cart that takes cues from the luxury car brand, you could look to Garia.

Garia’s limited Edition Soleil de Minuit was a highly upscale golf cart manufactured in the same factory that the famous Porsche is. It was full of luxury features meant to set it apart from the factory standard golf carts.

It had a carbon fiber roof with a custom, bright orange paint job. The seats were hand stitched and quite comfortable. It included custom wheels and even a built-in refrigerator.

The factory wasn’t its only tie to the luxury car world. It also used aluminum bodies from the same manufacturer that supplies Jaguar and Aston Martin. It had a drive train built by the famous Ducati brand. It’s dripping with luxury.

Although the Soleil de Minuit was a limited edition and not currently available on their site, you can find them used periodically through dealers. You can also invest in other Garia models made in the same factory. They are all nearly as luxurious as the limited edition.


It’s an understated (sort of. The orange is very bright) choice for a little luxury without a novelty cart. It’s a cart that will make everyone jealous for entirely different reasons than the Porsche replica (like the fridge).


It’s out of stock so you’ll have to put in some work getting that edition. If you’re determined, you’ll probably find someone looking to get rid of theirs, but there’s no guarantee how long the search will take.

Are You Getting A Porsche Cart?

If you’ve got a dream to have a Porsche golf cart, there are ways to work around the company’s lack of interest in producing a model of their own. You can get a custom-made golf cart that looks so much like a Porsche that it will scratch that itch.

You might also be able to put together your custom body kit for your existing golf cart. Going this route gives you bragging rights not only for your distinctive new golf cart but the fact that you built it yourself. We promise no one else is likely to top that.

Or you can go for the Porsche-adjacent option by trying to find one of the limited-edition carts manufactured in the same factory. Garia is known for producing golf carts of significant quality and luxury. It might not look like a Porsche, but it can be the same quality you’d expect from the famous car brand.

Whatever choice you make, it’s going to win you some serious fame the next time you roll up to the golf course. You might even become a legend.

Would you build a custom Porsche inspired golf cart? Would you create something else now that you can know body kits exist? Let us know in the comments below.