The best 12 volt golf cart batteries provide all the power you need to keep your golf cart going. In most instances, 12 volt batteries even require fewer batteries and less space than 6 volt golf cart batteries. There are various types of 12 volt golf cart batteries to choose from, which can make it difficult to select the right ones for your needs.

This list should help you make the best selection of the best 12 volt golf cart battery for you. It’s arranged by popularity, amp hours, and price, and can help take the guesswork out of your search. Trojan, US Battery, Exide, Deka, Crown or Interstate – what will it be?

1. Trojan T-1275 Deep Cycle Plus 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

The Trojan T-1275 Plus 12 volt golf cart battery is uniquely designed to deliver durability and reliability for outstanding performance on the toughest terrains. In addition, it has a prolonged track record in solar, electric, and stand-alone alternative energy systems.

This 327 mm x 7 1/8 in. x 10 7/8 in. battery weighs 82 pounds and has an AH of 20 AH at 150 and 5 AH at 120. Additionally, it has a discharge rate of 280 min. at 25 amps, 102 mins. at 56 amps, and 75 amps at n/a.

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2. Trojan T-1260 Plus Deep Cycle 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

Trojan T-1260 golf cart batteries are manufactured using Trojan’s advanced technology and deep cycle lead-acid, which is considered the best in the industry.

This golf cart battery is 12.96 x 7.13 x 10.71 mm and weighs 78 pounds. It has total amp hours of 155 at 100 hr. rate, 140 at 20 hr. rate, 126 at 10 hr. rate, and 113 at 5 hr. rate. It also has discharge rates of 60 at 75 amps, 90 at 56 amps, and 260 at 25 amps.

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3. Trojan 30 XHS 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

Trojan 30 XHS 12 volt golf cart batteries are built using the same Trojan advanced formulation and technology as other Trojan batteries and carry the same quality reputation for durability and reliability.

These Trojan 12 volt golf cart batteries weigh 66 pounds and have dimensions of 14 mm x 6.73 mm x 10.07 mm. Furthermore, they have amp hours of 105 at 5 hr. rate, 120 at 10 hr. rate, 130 at 20 hr. rate, and 144 at 100 hr. rate., and a rate of discharge 25 at 225 and 57 at 75 amp.

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4. US 12VXC XC2 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

The US 12VXC XC2 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery, which is typically found in Club Car Precedent and E-Z-Go RXV golf carts, contains deep cycle lead acid. Deep cycle batteries are among the industry’s best and are compatible with a wide range of chargers used in the field.

This 12 volt battery weighs 82 pounds with dimensions of 13 1/8 in. x 7 1/16 in. x 11 3/8 in. and 155 Amp Hours at 20 hr. rate. In addition, it has a discharge rate of 292 min. at 25 amps and 77 min. at 75 amps.

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5. Exide 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

The Exide 12 Volt Golf Cart battery is known for its extended, durable performance. In addition, it is easy to install and maintain. It is also vibration resistant, features up to 525 RC ratings, and it’s maintenance free!

This battery is the ideal replacement for batteries such as Trojan T-1275, Trojan 30XHS, Trojan T-1260, US Battery 12VXC, and other deep cycle batteries.

These 12 volt golf cart batteries feature up to 245 amp hours at a 20 hr. rate for increased service life per charge cycle. The Exide 12V golf cart battery works perfectly with Club Car, Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Taylor Dunn golf carts.

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6. Deka 100 Ah AGM 8A27 12 Volt MK Battery

The Deka MK battery AGM 8A27 battery features advanced USA technology and engineering. It can be substituted in any flooded lead-acid battery application, including deep cycle and deep discharge. You can also use it for other applications, making it an industry standard to which all other batteries are held to. Aside from your electric golf cart, you can also use AGM batteries for marine and RV house power, sailboats, emergency lighting, and electric vehicles.

This 12.75 x 6.75 x 9.88 12 volt battery weighs just 63 pounds and has amp hours of 100 AH at C/100 and 92 AH at C/20, and a B(T876) terminal.

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7. Crown GC-155 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

The Crown GC-155 golf cart battery, like all other Crown golf cart batteries, are known for their power, dependability, and low maintenance.

This 12 volt battery has an amp hour capacity of 100 hr. at 194, 72 hr. at 182, 48 hr. at 169, 20 hr. at 155, 10 hr. at 132, 5 hr. at 125, and 2 hr. at 98. In addition, it has a discharge capacity of 100 A at 54 mins., 75 A at 75 mins., 50 A at 125 mins., 25 A at 286 mins., and 10 A at 846 mins.

Check the price of the Crown GC-155 golf cart battery on It’s also worth mentioning that core batteries must be exchanged with purchase.

8. Interstate 12VGCUTL 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

The Interstate 12VGCUTL is designed to withstand the stress of repeated deep cycling, and like all Interstate 12 volt golf cart batteries, it features the longest drive time between charges in the industry.

This battery has dimensions of 7.0625 in. x 13.13 in. x 11.38 in. and weighs 86 pounds. Additionally, it has a reserve capacity of 25 at 292 and 75 at 77.00, and a cap 20 at 155.

Check the price of the Interstate 12VGCUTL on However, it should be noted that this product cannot be shipped directly to customers. You must find a dealer that carries it. Prices may vary.

What Are the Things to Consider When Choosing a Golf Cart Battery?

Battery Model

While batteries may look the same, they may put out different amounts of energy. Consider your energy requirements and choose a battery that meets it. If your batteries worked well for you with the current AH ratings, you may opt to stick with those.

Connections and Terminals

You’ll need to choose the type of battery cables. This will help determine which terminal option is the most energy-efficient for your needs. Check the number of terminals in the battery, then purchase the battery cables of the correct size to ensure that the connections don’t get overheated.


Price is another factor to consider when choosing batteries. However, it is important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That being said, skimping on batteries is not a good way to go. There are a lot of cost-effective battery options that will provide excellent power for a good price. Consider such things as battery type, capacity, terminal type, energy rate, among others. If possible, don’t buy used batteries. Although cheaper, they won’t last very long.

The Fresher The Better

Batteries perform best when they are new. Ideally, you should buy batteries that are less than 6 months old. Battery manufacturers are required to put the date code. By looking at it, you can determine the age of the battery.

Buy from Reputable Dealers

Batteries are expensive. You want to make sure that the battery you’re going to purchase is fresh and original. By buying from reputable dealers, you’ll also get expert advice on choosing the best batteries. In addition, their highly trained staff can provide good customer service.


When shopping around for batteries, check if there is a warranty. The good news is, almost all batteries come with warranties. In general, manufacturers vouch for their products’ quality. But it’s always a good practice to check if there is a warranty and for how long.

Final Thoughts on 12 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

There are a wide range of good quality 12 volt golf cart batteries to select from. To begin your search, simply consider these reviews. As always, be sure to check the unique specifications of your individual cart before making a purchase to ensure you purchase the right one for your cart. Finally, be sure to share your experience with these golf cart batteries.